1st Formations Business Scholarship for UK & US Students

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Introduction: In 2014, 1st Formations, a prominent UK company formation agent, established a Business Scholarship aimed at providing financial support to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the UK or USA. The scholarship, valued at £1,500 ($1900) each, is available to 10 eligible candidates, helping them cover various study-related expenses. Let’s explore the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits of this fantastic opportunity.

Who Can Apply?

The 1st Formations Business Scholarship is open to students from any nationality currently studying in the UK or USA. As long as you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a recognized academic institution in these countries, you are eligible to apply.

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How to Apply:

Applying for the scholarship is a straightforward process.

To begin, gather the required documents, including a letter of recommendation from a tutor or course coordinator and a supporting statement. The supporting statement should be 500 words long and should outline one business idea you wish to pursue during or after your studies. Additionally, explain your personal circumstances and why you need financial assistance. Don’t forget to include your recent grades or exam results from your current course.

Remember, letters of recommendation and grades from previous courses or overseas academic institutions are not accepted. Only letters from representatives of your current course at a UK or US academic institution will be considered valid. Once you have all the necessary documents ready, submit them via email to [email protected].

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What Does the Scholarship Offer?

The 1st Formations Business Scholarship provides a bursary of £1,500 to each successful applicant. This financial support is intended to help students with the additional costs they may encounter during their studies. These costs could include purchasing course materials, textbooks, or even covering living expenses, easing the financial burden for deserving students.


If you are a UK or US student pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree and have a business idea you’re passionate about, the 1st Formations Business Scholarship could be an excellent opportunity for you. With the generous bursary of £1,500, you can receive the support needed to enhance your academic journey and turn your business dreams into reality. Don’t miss the chance to apply, as the application deadline is January 31, 2023. Best of luck in your educational and entrepreneurial endeavors!

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