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What does the Build America Visa May mean for You?

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President Trump’s proposal to introduce the Build America visa card as a potential replacement for the Green Card has raised considerable interest and anticipation among international students and professionals in the US. While it is still in the early stages of consideration, the proposed changes may significantly impact how individuals are granted permanent residentship.

This blog post aims to provide a clear overview of the potential implications of the Build America visa, especially for students who wish to continue working in the US after completing their studies.

Current Employment Options for Students on an F1 Visa:

Currently, students holding an F1 visa are not allowed to engage in business activities in the US. They can establish a business plan but cannot operate the business, receive income, or salary from it. Additional visas, such as work visas or the Green Card, are required to engage in business activities legally. However, students on F1 visas are eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT), allowing them to work temporarily in the US related to their field of study for up to 12 months before or after completing their program.

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Current Hurdles for Green Card Applicants:

The current Green Card application process poses challenges for talented individuals seeking permanent residentship. One such hurdle is the country quota, which limits the number of Legal Permanent Residentships (LPR) to seven percent per country.

What the Build America Visa May Mean for You:

The proposed Build America visa aims to introduce a merit-based system similar to those in Canada and Australia. It seeks to attract highly skilled, English-speaking individuals who can contribute to the US community. If implemented, the Build America visa will prioritize spouses and children of applicants and increase the proportion of highly skilled immigrants from 12 percent to 57 percent or higher.

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Profiles Likely to Get a Build America Visa:

Under the proposed rules, students aspiring to become entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to relocate to the US are more likely to be granted the Build America visa. High-wage earners are also favored, as the government aims to protect American citizens from competition with low-wage workers. Applicants will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English and pass a civics examination.

Criticism and Future Prospects:

The Build America visa proposal is not without opposition and requires further refinement before becoming law. As a result, students planning to study in the US and seek permanent residency should prepare for potentially tough competition under the point-based system.

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President Trump’s Build America visa proposal, if accepted, could herald significant changes in the process of obtaining permanent residentship in the US. Students and professionals who aspire to work and live in the US should closely monitor the developments around this visa option and be prepared for potential adjustments in the application process. Until the proposal becomes law, uncertainties persist, making it crucial for prospective applicants to stay informed and plan accordingly.

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