Sports Scholarship at Canadian University Dubai 2023

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Are you a passionate athlete with dreams of pursuing higher education while excelling in your chosen sport? Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is offering Sports Scholarships for Bachelors and Masters degrees in the field of sports. This exciting opportunity is open to all nationals, giving talented athletes from around the world a chance to shine on the academic and sports arenas.

What is the Scholarship About?

The Sports Scholarship at Canadian University Dubai aims to support elite and talented athletes who have achieved success at least at a city level in their respective sports. This partial funding scholarship can cover up to 40% of the tuition fees, giving students the financial boost they need to focus on both academics and sports.

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

The scholarship is open to applicants from all nationalities. To be considered, candidates must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at the university. Additionally, they should maintain an excellent academic record while pursuing their passion for sports. The selection is based on both sports achievement level and academic performance, giving well-rounded individuals a fair chance to receive the scholarship.

How to Apply and the Deadline

To apply for this fantastic opportunity, interested candidates need to submit their applications by the 20th of December 2023. The application process is simple and allows students to showcase their achievements in both academics and sports.

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What to Expect and How to Sustain the Scholarship

If awarded, the scholarship will cover one semester’s tuition fees. However, students have the chance to reapply each semester to continue their scholarship and stay on track with their academic and athletic pursuits.

Why Canadian University Dubai?

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is known for its commitment to academic excellence and sports development. The university provides a supportive and conducive environment for athletes to thrive both in their studies and sports training. Pursuing your Bachelors or Masters degree at CUD could be the stepping stone to a successful future where your passion for sports and education meet.

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply for the Sports Scholarship at Canadian University Dubai and take a step closer to achieving your dreams. Whether you’re an aspiring basketball player, a talented swimmer, or a skilled footballer, this scholarship could be your ticket to success. Apply now and make your mark on the global stage!

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