SCI-Arc European Union Scholarship 2023

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Are you an aspiring architect from one of the European Union countries looking to pursue a Masters’s degree in Architecture? The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is offering the SCI-Arc European Union Scholarship for talented EU nationals like you to join their Master of Architecture 2 program. This prestigious scholarship covers the tuition fees for the first year of the program, providing you with an excellent opportunity to further your education in the field of architecture.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the SCI-Arc European Union Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: You must be a citizen of one of the countries in the European Union. Proof of citizenship will be required during the application process.
  2. Application and Materials: Submit a completed application form along with all the necessary required documents for review.
  3. English Proficiency: Candidates must meet the minimum English proficiency requirement.
  4. First-time Applicants: This scholarship is only available to first-time SCI-Arc applicants.
  5. Scholarship Combination: Please note that students cannot combine this scholarship with any other SCI-Arc scholarship.
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Required Documents:

To apply for the scholarship, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of Academic Transcripts: Provide a copy of your academic transcripts to showcase your educational background.
  2. Copy of Passport: Include a copy of your passport’s photo page as proof of your EU citizenship.
  3. Degree Indication or Evidence: Display the degree earned or provide evidence of the titling process.
  4. Professional License (if applicable): If you already possess a professional license, include a copy of it.
  5. Architectural Portfolio: Prepare a professional portfolio of your architectural work comprising 15 to 35 pages.
  6. Curriculum Vitae/Resume: Provide information on any awards, prizes, and your artistic and professional activities. Include your place and date of birth.
  7. Letters of Recommendation: Arrange for three letters of recommendation to support your application.
  8. Personal Statement: Write a personal statement in English, limited to 1000 words, outlining your passion for architecture and your motivation to pursue the Masters’s program.
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Application Deadline:

The deadline for sending your application is mentioned as “Deadline varies.” It is essential to check the specific deadline on the official SCI-Arc website and submit your application before the given date.

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