NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship 2023

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The NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship 2023 offers an exciting opportunity for talented Singaporean nationals to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Business, Management, Economics, and Accounting. This prestigious scholarship, provided by the NUS Business School, aims to support promising individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and active involvement in co-curricular activities. Let’s delve into the eligibility criteria, benefits, and application process of this esteemed scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Citizenship: Only Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents can apply.
  2. Academic Excellence: Candidates should have displayed outstanding academic achievements in both their ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels (or equivalent qualifications).
  3. Polytechnic Excellence: Applicants with exceptional academic performance in their Polytechnic studies, specifically in Accountancy, will be given favorable consideration.
  4. First-Year Performance: Students must have demonstrated academic excellence in their first year of accountancy studies.
  5. Co-curricular Involvement: Candidates are expected to actively participate in co-curricular activities, either within their school or in the broader community.
  6. Communication and Personal Skills: Excellent communication skills, a high level of initiative, maturity, and enthusiasm are desirable traits.
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The NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship provides partial funding that covers various aspects of the recipient’s academic journey:

  1. Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers a portion of the tuition fees for the Bachelors’ program.
  2. Textbook Allowance: A yearly allowance is provided to support students in purchasing essential textbooks.
  3. Computer Allowance: A one-time allowance is granted to help students acquire the necessary computer equipment for their studies.
  4. Overseas Exchange Allowance: Scholars have the opportunity to take part in an overseas exchange program with an additional allowance to support their experience.
  5. Overseas Exchange Loan: In addition to the allowance, scholars may receive a loan to further facilitate their participation in an overseas exchange.
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Application Process:

The deadline for applying to the NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship may vary, so interested candidates are advised to check the official website for the most up-to-date information. To apply for the scholarship, eligible applicants should submit their applications through the designated online portal. The selection process considers academic achievements, co-curricular involvement, communication skills, and personal qualities, so applicants should emphasize these aspects in their application.


The NUS Business School – KPMG Scholarship 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for passionate and academically talented Singaporean students seeking to excel in the fields of Business, Management, Economics, and Accounting. With its comprehensive financial support and recognition of well-rounded individuals, this scholarship empowers students to pursue their academic and personal growth confidently. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss the chance to apply and take your first step towards a promising future in the business world.

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