NRF-DAAD In-Country Scholarships in South Africa

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Are you a talented student from South Africa dreaming of pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree? If so, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a golden opportunity for you! The DAAD Scholarship is one of the most esteemed awards that Germany bestows upon exceptionally gifted students from other countries. This scholarship is a gateway to top-notch education and a world of possibilities.

What is the DAAD Scholarship all about?

The DAAD is a nationally recognized body that represents all 365 higher education institutions in Germany. It operates as a private and self-governing organization, receiving funding from both the federal government and the state. The scholarship aims to support outstanding South African students in their pursuit of higher education at any South African university, in any field of study.

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Who is eligible to apply?

If you are a South African student interested in undertaking a full-time Master’s or PhD program in South Africa, you are eligible to apply for this prestigious scholarship. To be considered, applicants must be 30 years old or younger for Master’s programs, or 32 years old or younger for PhD programs, at the time of application. Additionally, you must meet the NRF minimum academic requirement for postgraduate funding, which is 65%.

What are the benefits of the DAAD Scholarship?

The DAAD Scholarship offers a study fund to successful candidates for the year 2024. The exact number of awards is not known, but rest assured that the scholarship provides excellent financial support to deserving students, making their educational journey more accessible and fulfilling.

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How to apply for the DAAD Scholarship?

The application process is straightforward. Interested candidates must submit an online application through the provided application form. To strengthen your application, you need to submit essential documents, including a hand-signed curriculum vitae, a letter of admission from your host university or institution, and certified copies of your university degree certificates, academic transcripts, and passport.

Don’t miss the deadline!

Keep in mind that the application deadline for the DAAD Scholarship is 11th July 2024. So, make sure to gather all the necessary documents and apply on time for this life-changing opportunity.

In conclusion, the DAAD Scholarship is a fantastic chance for South African students to pursue their academic dreams in any field of study at top South African universities. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Prepare your application diligently and give yourself a chance to be among the recipients of this prestigious award. Good luck in your academic journey!

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