International Distinction Award at University of Kansas 2023

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The University of Kansas (KU) is offering the prestigious International Distinction Award to outstanding international students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any field offered by the university. This award provides a 22% reduction in tuition fees, making it an excellent opportunity for students seeking academic excellence and a vibrant educational experience in the United States.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the International Distinction Award, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. International Student: Applicants must be from countries other than the United States.
  2. Admission to KU: You must apply and gain admission to the University of Kansas as a new student.
  3. Seeking a Degree at KU: The scholarship is available to students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at KU.
  4. GPA Requirements: Applicants must meet the GPA requirements specified for the scholarship.
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Required Documents: To apply for this esteemed scholarship, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Official SAT or ACT Scores (Optional): While not mandatory, submitting your official SAT or ACT scores can strengthen your application.
  2. Official Proof of English Proficiency: As an international student, demonstrating your English proficiency is essential.
  3. Resume or CV: A comprehensive list of your extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, community service, and awards.
  4. 500-Word Essay: Share your thoughts, aspirations, and reasons for choosing the University of Kansas.
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation: Obtain recommendations from teachers, mentors, or individuals familiar with your academic abilities and character.
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Value of the Award:

The International Distinction Award offers a substantial tuition fee reduction valued at $24,000 ($6,000 per year). This outstanding opportunity is available to students starting their studies in the fall term, making it an ideal way to launch your academic journey at the University of Kansas.

Don’t miss this chance to broaden your horizons, push the boundaries of knowledge, and contribute to groundbreaking research at one of the United States’ top universities. Apply now and seize the opportunity to excel academically while experiencing a vibrant campus life at the University of Kansas!

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