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How SMART Goals Can Help International Students?

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Studying abroad in college opens up a world of exciting opportunities, but it can also bring vague dreams and challenges. That’s where SMART goals come in handy. SMART goals help you take measurable steps towards achieving your vision.

Let’s take an example of learning a new language, like Japanese, during college abroad. Instead of setting a broad goal of becoming proficient, a SMART goal would be to spend two hours each week talking to a native speaker outside the language classroom. This specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goal will guide you systematically towards fluency.

SMART goals are not just limited to language learning; they can be applied in various aspects of an international student’s life:

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  1. Staying Organized during Prep: Use SMART rules to organize tasks during the college application process, budget planning, and accommodation arrangements. Set specific targets to complete each step efficiently.
  2. Choosing Your Major: When torn between different programs, create SMART goals that include job research and specific objectives, helping you make an informed decision about your major.
  3. Allocating Time for Extracurricular Activities: Dedicate specific days and plan how much time you’ll spend on extracurricular activities to balance them with coursework effectively.
  4. Time Management for Studies: Plan how much time you’ll dedicate to each course weekly and adjust your schedule as needed to achieve your study goals.
  5. Setting Grade Targets: Set achievable target grades for each class, considering subject difficulty and relevance to your major.
  6. Visiting Career Services: Regularly visit your college’s career services to explore job opportunities and plan the number of visits leading up to graduation.
  7. Challenging Yourself Academically: Allocate credits to take intellectually stimulating elective courses that expand your skillset.
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Using SMART goals can help international students make the most of their time at university abroad. When writing your personal essay, think deeply about your aspirations, which will lead to better SMART goals aligned with your purpose.

Remember, it’s essential to set realistic goals that can be accomplished within your available time. Adding deadlines or timeframes to your goals will create a sense of urgency, allowing you to make the most of your college experience as you prepare for your future.

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