Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrative Sciences and Engineering at NUS Graduate School

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If you’re a talented student from any Commonwealth country with a passion for cross-disciplinary research in science, engineering, computing, or related aspects of medicine, then the Commonwealth Scholarship might be the perfect opportunity for you.

This prestigious scholarship is awarded to exceptional individuals who demonstrate an aptitude for innovative and high-caliber PhD research. The scholarship is hosted by the NUS Graduate School and offers various benefits to support your academic journey.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarship, you must be a graduate from any Commonwealth country and meet the NGS (NUS Graduate School) requirements. Applicants should possess at least a 2nd Upper Honours degree or equivalent qualification and have a strong interest in cross-disciplinary research in specific fields.

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Application Process: Applications for the Commonwealth Scholarship are only accepted online. You can apply for the scholarship via the official website of NUS Graduate School. Ensure you submit all necessary supporting documents, and if you are from NUS or NTU, GRE is not compulsory for you. However, if your native tongue or medium of undergraduate instruction is not English, you will need to provide a TOEFL score.

Scholarship Benefits: The Commonwealth Scholarship offers comprehensive support to successful candidates. It includes a monthly stipend throughout the 4-year duration of the PhD studies (or until graduation, whichever comes first). Additionally, the scholarship covers full tuition fees for the entire 4-year period. Apart from financial support, scholars are entitled to allowances for a computer, books, and attending conferences to enrich their research experience.

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Scholarship Application Timeline: For those aspiring to enroll in the program for the January 2017 intake, the application window opens on 30 March 2016. The deadline for submitting your application is 15 May 2016. Make sure to follow the application deadlines closely to ensure your eligibility for consideration.


The Commonwealth Scholarship at NUS Graduate School is an excellent opportunity for talented students across Commonwealth countries to pursue their passion for innovative PhD research. If you are eager to contribute to cross-disciplinary advancements in sciences, engineering, computing, or related fields, this scholarship can provide the support and resources needed for a successful academic journey. To apply and access more detailed information, visit the official scholarship website at Grab this chance to fulfill your academic dreams and make a significant impact in your chosen field of study.

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