College of Science and Engineering International PGT Merit Scholarship 2023

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Are you dreaming of pursuing a Masters degree in Chemistry, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Environment, Mathematical Science, Physics, or Astronomy? Well, here’s some great news for you! The University of Leicester is offering the “College of Science and Engineering International PGT Merit Scholarship 2023” to international students, excluding those from the UK.

What’s on Offer?

This merit-based scholarship comes with a value of up to £5,000 in tuition fee discounts. The scholarship amount awarded can be either £3,000 or £5,000 per year.

Who Can Apply?

If you are an international student in terms of fee classification and wish to pursue a full-time, campus-based Masters course at the University of Leicester, starting in September 2023 or January 2024, then you are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

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How to Apply?

The best part about this scholarship is that there is no separate application process. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship. If you are successful, you will receive a notification when you submit your final results.

Why Study at The University of Leicester?

The University of Leicester is renowned for its high-quality education and research in various fields. With a wide range of courses offered in the College of Science and Engineering, you can find the perfect program to suit your interests and career goals. Studying in the UK can be a life-changing experience, exposing you to diverse cultures and providing access to world-class facilities and resources.

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Don’t Miss the Deadline!

While the exact deadline for the application is not specified, we recommend applying as early as possible to increase your chances of receiving this fantastic scholarship.

So, seize this opportunity to pursue your dream Masters degree without the financial burden. Head over to The University of Leicester’s website, check out the College of Science and Engineering, and apply for the International PGT Merit Scholarship 2023. Good luck with your application, and may your academic journey be filled with success and knowledge!

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