Best Japanese Learning Tools in 2023- Top 10

Best Japanese Learning Tools in 2023- Top 10

Best Japanese Learning Tools


Do you know you can learn Japanese from the comfort of your own home instead of going to a learning centre?

Learning languages has never been easier thanks to technological advancements. As a result, you can learn a language like Japanese from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

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So, what are the best learning tools for Japanese, and why should I learn Japanese?

If you’re interested in learning Japanese, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools for learning Japanese. Some of these tools are free, while others require various subscription plans; however, the cost of going to a learning centre or learning from a language tutor cannot be compared.

So, let’s get started!

Let’s look at the importance of tools before we get into the best tools for learning Japanese.

Why do I require the Best Japanese Learning Tools?

Here are some of the reasons why you need Japanese learning tools:

  1. It can be used to begin learning about a new culture.

You will almost certainly learn a lot about Japan if you use these best tools for learning Japanese.

You’ll learn about the country’s history as well as regional dialect differences. You’ll also learn vocabulary associated with Japanese culture and customs.

This can help you gradually open up and learn more about Japan, its people, and its rich and fascinating history than you previously imagined.

  1. It allows you to learn more quickly and easily.

Learning a new language can be intimidating because it is so different from what you are used to.

However, once you start learning Japanese characters with the best tools for learning Japanese, you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to remember with regular practise.

  1. It broadens your job prospects

As the world’s economies become more global, it makes perfect sense to use language to spread out and expand your job opportunities. Do you want to work in Japan?

With the help of the best learning Japanese tools, learning the language may make things go more smoothly.

Learning at least one additional language will improve your job prospects significantly.

  1. It helps to improve language sensitivity.

When you start learning Japanese with the best Japanese learning tools, you’ll be surprised at how easily it can be confused with Chinese, Thai, or Korean.

  1. You do not allow things to be “lost in translation.”

Japanese anime and television shows have grown in popularity in the United States. A generation of kids grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Naruto.

Knowing exactly how much was lost in translation, on the other hand, may come as a surprise. To understand the language, you must use the best Japanese learning tools.

How to Learn Japanese Quickly

If you want to start using the best tools for learning Japanese, here are some suggestions to help you learn Japanese faster.

  1. Determine your Japanese language goal.
    Your ultimate goal is important, so decide for yourself whether you want to be fluent in Japanese.

Furthermore, watching anime will not help you if your goal is to speak freely in everyday situations, so you’ll need more tools, which we’ve listed below as the best tools for learning Japanese.

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  1. Begin speaking and writing Japanese as soon as you enrol in the course using the best Japanese learning tools listed in this article.
  2. Incorporate more Japanese into your life.
    Most people believe they do not have enough time to study. However, you can find small pockets of time in the process of learning Japanese with the best tools for learning Japanese, such as watching TV in Japanese instead of English, or instead of skimming Instagram in English, look up Japanese hashtags and read the captions.

10 Best Tools for Learning Japanese in 2023/Best Tools for Learning Japanese in 2023

The following is a list of the best tools for learning Japanese:

  1. 10. Japanese Pod101
    9. Italki
  2. 8. Pimsleur
  3. 7. Duolingo
    6. Wanikani
    5. FluentU
  4. 4.Tea Kim’s Japanese Study Guide
  5. 3. Anki
    2. Rocket Japanese
  6. 1. Busuu
  2. Japanese Pod101
Japanese Pod101

Japanese Pod101 is the first on our list of the best tools for learning Japanese. JapanesePod101 was created by a Japanese company that wanted to create a solution that combined audio and visual learning.

They went on to create a computer programme that used grammar and voice recognition software to allow the user to hear the sentence spoken aloud, see the correct grammar and pronunciation, and study at any time for future reference.

The main difference between this software and previous Japanese learning software is that you now get written Japanese lessons as well as visuals to go along with them. The subscription on JapanesePod101 is as follows:

One-Month Subscription: $25.00; Three-Month Subscription: $66.00
$180.00 for a 12-month subscription
JapanesePod101’s features Best Japanese Learning Resource:
Currently applicable
Grammar and culture lessons
Comprehensive lesson materials
Helpful learning tool
There hasn’t been much speaking practise.

  1. Italki

Italki comes in second place on our list of the best Japanese learning apps. It is used to locate high-quality Japanese tutors on the internet. You can easily sort through the tutors to find the best fit for you.

You can also tell your instructors what you want to study and find out if they offer formal courses before starting classes.

Italki’s Advantages: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

Native speakers can assist you in learning Japanese.
Find the best tutor for you based on your needs and budget.
Improve your communication skills in Japanese. Italki is a safe and secure platform, and all tutors have been vetted.
Italki tutors set their own rates, but classes typically range from $8.00 to $35.00 per hour. Conversation classes are frequently at the lower end of that spectrum.

  • Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a type of language learning software that uses an audio programme to teach Japanese grammar.

This simplifies grammar learning and allows you to repeat what you’ve learned in class. As a result, Pimsleur is considered one of the best tools for learning Japanese.

When you first hear about Pimsleur Japanese learning software, you might dismiss it as uninteresting.

However, it isn’t because it teaches you the best grammar and conversational strategies. The best part is that it is reasonably priced. It costs $14.95 per month.

Pimsleur characteristics. The Most Effective Japanese Learning Tool
Lessons are 30 minutes long.
Lessons that only use audio
Every piece of vocabulary provided is beneficial.
The interface is easy to use.
The focus is on pronunciation.
Using formal language

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is the next best tool for learning Japanese on our list.

Duolingo is another online learning tool with an excellent user interface that allows you to learn new phrases while honing your existing ones.

The new Duolingo Japanese user interface was designed to make it easy for everyone to understand the rules and enjoy the game.

This new game, on the other hand, can help you learn a lot of new words. You will not only be able to learn new vocabulary, but you will also be able to learn about the game’s culture.

Furthermore, while taking a break from the game, you will be able to review all of the words you have learned, making it much easier.

Duolingo’s features The most effective Japanese learning tool

Have fun while you’re learning.
WaniKani scripts can be modified.
Uses mnemonics to memorise
Educates radicals on how to read Japanese characters

  • Wanikani

WaniKani is a game-based learning software that begins with the fundamentals. This is a fun way to learn because the lessons are inexpensive and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

However, due to the nature of these games, many people find them aggravating. They make you think too much, which makes it difficult to understand what you’re learning.

If you fit this description, this is the best Japanese learning tool for you. It provides just enough training to get you started speaking Japanese, but there is no content. It costs $9 per month to get started.

Wanikani’s Advantages: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

The system of spaced repetition is used.
Backups are performed automatically.
It can be used for both business and personal purposes.
It will notify you if the backups fail.
Problems with functionality

  • FluentU

FluentU is a one-of-a-kind programme that converts existing Japanese YouTube videos into simple language courses for you to practise listening comprehension.

This best Japanese learning tool, on the other hand, includes toggleable interactive Japanese subtitles for movies and the ability to quickly create flashcard decks based on newly learned Japanese grammar and vocabulary.

When you’ve finished watching the movie, choose a new word from the subtitles and add it to one of your personalised decks for further study.

SRS is also used in these decks to help you learn vocabulary quickly and effectively.

FluentU provides free Japanese language resources such as animation clips, food videos, news, language classes, scenes from popular movies and dramas, and music videos. It costs $29.99 per month or $240 per year if paid annually.

FluentU’s Advantages: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

The use of SRS for rapid and effective vocabulary acquisition
There are numerous free Japanese language resources available.
Making of flash cards

  • Tae Kim’s Japanese Learning Guide
Tae Kim’s Japanese Learning Guide

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese is one of the best Japanese learning apps for the iPhone.

It is a simple-to-use tool that is used by people of all ages, whether they are beginners learning Japanese or advanced students brushing up on their language skills.

Users can pick and choose which classes they want to take, allowing them to study at their own pace, which is important when learning a language. Tae Kim’s Japanese learning guide is expensive. $20

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese for iPhone has the following features:

The iOS app is available for free.
Practice your listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills.
There are numerous learning aids available.
Grammar and vocabulary are discussed.
There are several mistakes.

  1. Anki

Anki covers grammar, verbs, and conversation patterns. These best Japanese learning tools teach you everything you need to know to communicate with the Japanese people.

The Anki Japanese Learning Software works by determining what you want to say in English and then instructing you on how to say it.

At first, it may appear difficult, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes relatively simple.

The beauty of eLearning software is that it provides these lessons on a CD-ROM that you can load when you’re ready to start learning the language, and it’s completely free.

Anki’s Advantages: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

With the assistance of flashcards
Synchronization with AnkiWeb This is a fantastic learning tool.
Audio samples and photographs can be included.
This is not a full-fledged language programme.

  • Rocket Japanese
Rocket Japanese

Rocket Japanese is one of the best Japanese learning tools available. You can use this tool whether you are a complete beginner or want to achieve total fluency.

They include lessons that are organised logically from easy to difficult subjects. They deliver lessons through interactive podcasts with dialogues.

You can, however, pay for their lessons rather than subscribe to their service. You can choose between three levels based on your Japanese ability. Lessons can also be customised.

You can choose between 5-minute exercises and 1-hour sessions. Rocket Japanese prices range from $99.95 to $259.90 for a one-time payment.

Rocket Japanese: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

There is a comprehensive language-learning curriculum available.
Individualized education
Short tutorials
There are numerous opportunities to communicate.

  1. Busuu

Busuu is the best Japanese language learning app with a comprehensive curriculum. Native Japanese speakers will correct your writing and pronunciation, and certificates will be provided so you can include the language in your résumé or job applications.

Furthermore, Busuu provides new and fascinating information to assist you in quickly improving your Japanese conversational skills. This best Japanese learning study programme is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to speak, read, and write in this beautiful language!

Busuu’s monthly fee begins at $5.83.

Busuu’s Advantages: The Best Japanese Learning Tool

  • Learn at your own pace.
    In live lessons or group classes, you can practise with friendly, professional tutors.
    Grammar and pronunciation advice
    What is the most effective Japanese learning software?

Pimsleur Japanese Anki Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese for iPhone Olly Richard’s Japanese Uncovered
Busuu\sDuolingo Japanese FluentU italki Wanikani Rocket

Is busuu an effective way to learn Japanese?

Busuu is one of the best free language learning apps, and its Premium subscription is well worth it. Despite the limited number of languages available, the content on busuu is excellent.

Is Duolingo beneficial to Japanese students?

Duolingo is an excellent free language learning resource, especially if you are a beginner looking to quickly immerse yourself in Japanese.

What should I start learning in Japanese first?

If you are just starting out, learn to read and write Hiragana and Katakana first. This will eventually help you write words in Japanese. Even if you have a limited vocabulary, you should learn grammar rules in order to improve your reading comprehension. There are numerous apps for learning Japanese that can assist you in developing all of these skills.

What is the best free Japanese learning app?

One of the best free apps for learning Japanese is Duolingo. The app includes an entire Japanese course for students learning the fundamentals as well as those looking to improve their intermediate skills in grammar, sentence structure, and other areas. Duolingo is best suited for those who are just beginning their Japanese studies, but it is also useful for anyone looking to brush up on their skills or expand their knowledge when they have some spare time on the go.


It will be easier for you to learn Japanese and navigate the learning software if you use the 10 best learning Japanese tools listed in this article.

One of the benefits of learning Japanese or another foreign language is that you will have an easier time finding work, and you will be able to add the certificate to your résumé.

What is the most effective tool for learning Japanese?

JapanesePod101’s 11 Best Japanese Learning Software Picks

Uncovering Olly Richard’s Japanese
Japanese Pimsleur.
Tae Kim’s iPhone Guide to Learning Japanese
HiNative-Language Learning by Lang-8.
Japanese Duolingo.

What is the best app for learning Japanese?

Japanese Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning app that offers courses in a variety of languages, not just Asian ones.

How do you learn Japanese quickly?

Here are some pointers:

1 Make your smartphone do your bidding. Change the language settings to Japanese.
2 Begin watching Japanese TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and so on.
3 Pay attention to Japanese podcasts, music, and radio stations.
It’s easier than you think to find Japanese speakers where you live.

List of the Best Japanese Learning Apps

  1. Imiwa, a Japanese dictionary app. Although it is not a traditional language course, this app is one of the best tools for learning Japanese.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar. ANKI…. Dr. Moku…. NHK Easy Japanese News…. Hirameki! … JapanesePod101…. Kana Quiz.


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