ANGUS-SAWISE Scholarships in Science and Engineering for African Women

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In an effort to promote gender equality and diversity in the fields of science and engineering, the Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering (SA WISE) annually offers the Angus Scholarship. This prestigious award is granted to one exceptional Sub-Saharan black woman graduate with an impressive academic record of 70% or above in her chosen field of study.

The scholarship provides an opportunity for recipients to pursue one year of tertiary education at the Honours level (or 4th year level) in any science and engineering discipline. This blog post will shed light on the scholarship’s purpose, eligibility, and application process, encouraging young African women to seize this invaluable opportunity.

Who Can Apply?

The Angus Scholarship is targeted towards women from Sub-Saharan Africa, with preference given to applicants from South Africa.

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To be eligible, candidates must have completed their undergraduate studies and achieved a grade average of 70% or higher in their chosen subject. However, detailed information on specific eligibility criteria can be obtained by reaching out to the scholarship provider.

Field of Study: The Angus Scholarship supports education in the fields of science and engineering, providing aspiring female scientists and engineers the opportunity to further their studies. Applicants have the freedom to pursue any discipline within these fields, enabling them to delve into their passions and contribute to advancements in various scientific domains.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship is awarded for one year of tertiary study at the Honours level or the equivalent of the 4th year of study.

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While the exact value of the scholarship is not specified, it covers essential academic expenses, enabling recipients to focus on their studies and research without financial worries. By receiving this scholarship, the selected candidate also becomes an active member of SAWISE, benefiting from a network of supportive women in science and engineering.

Application Process: Aspiring applicants must visit the official website of SAWISE ( for comprehensive information on the application procedure. The deadline for submissions is 30th November each year. Interested candidates are encouraged to carefully follow the guidelines provided on the website and submit all necessary documents before the deadline.

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The Angus Scholarship offered by SAWISE serves as a stepping stone for Sub-Saharan black women who aspire to excel in the fields of science and engineering.

By empowering and supporting these young graduates, the scholarship aims to bridge the gender gap and promote diversity in these crucial disciplines.

If you are an ambitious woman from Sub-Saharan Africa with a passion for science and engineering, seize this fantastic opportunity to take your academic journey to new heights. Apply for the Angus Scholarship and become a part of the growing community of strong, talented women in science and engineering, making a difference in the world. For further inquiries or to start the application process, contact the SAWISE Scholarships committee via email at [email protected].

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