Sussex Bursary at University of Sussex 2024

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Are you a UK national looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any field at the University of Sussex? If so, we have exciting news for you! The University of Sussex is offering the Sussex Bursary for the academic year 2024, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to receive financial support for your studies.

What is the Sussex Bursary?

The Sussex Bursary is a financial aid program provided by the University of Sussex. It aims to replace the First-Generation Scholar’s scheme bursary and is exclusively available to UK nationals who are starting their undergraduate course at Sussex from September 2023 onwards.

Who is eligible for the Sussex Bursary?

To be eligible for this bursary, you must meet the following criteria:

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  1. You should have begun your undergraduate course at the University of Sussex on or after September 2023.
  2. Your household income must be less than £25,000, as assessed by the university.
  3. You should not be receiving a non-means tested grant element for your funding, such as Welsh funded students or Year 2/3 Social Worker students.
  4. You must be registered as a full-time student at Sussex for the academic year 2023/24 and be actively studying there (i.e., not on a placement year or Year Abroad).
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What are the benefits of the Sussex Bursary?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can enjoy the following benefits from the Sussex Bursary:

  1. £1,000 in the first year of study, which applies to either Year 1 or the Foundation Year of your undergraduate course.
  2. £500 in subsequent years to support your continuing education at the University of Sussex.

How to apply?

The application process for the Sussex Bursary is simple. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you will automatically receive the award without having to submit a separate application. So, if you’re a new undergraduate student with a household income of less than £25,000 and meet the other criteria, you’re on track to receive this valuable financial assistance.

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Remember, the deadline for sending your application is 10th June 2024. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to pursue your dreams of higher education at the University of Sussex with some financial relief.

In conclusion

the Sussex Bursary is a wonderful initiative by the University of Sussex to support UK nationals in their pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. If you meet the criteria, make sure to apply before the deadline and take a step closer to your academic and career goals. Good luck!

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