Sniffer test

Overview of Sniffer test

Overview of Sniffer test

Quick questions and answers on Sniffer test

  • A sniffer leak detector is what it sounds like.

Sniffer leak detection is typically used to locate leaks in components or systems so that they can be identified and repaired. The tracer gas is first used to pressurise the part or system. The operator then uses the sniffer probe to systematically scan suspect leak locations in order to identify a possible leak.

  • What are the leak detection methods?

Underwater bubble tests, bubble soap paint, pressure and vacuum decay, and tracer gas detectors are the most commonly used leak test methods (halogen, helium and hydrogen).

  • How does a helium sniffer work?

Typical Helium Sniffing Leak Test Methodology
1 Seal any ports or openings on the test part, leaving only one port for helium filling/charging.
2 Remove the part’s internal volume (if possible)
Fill or charge the internal volume with helium.
4 Examine the test part for leaks.

  • What exactly is helium testing?

Helium leak testing is used to detect small leaks as well as larger leaks in larger volumes. The concentration of helium is measured using it as a tracer gas. This helium leak testing guide should cover the fundamentals of using this leak testing method.

Atmospheric ‘Sniff Leak Testing’ is a basic method of detecting tracer gas leaks that employs a sniffer probe to detect the presence of tracer gas and pinpoint a leaking area. A part or component is evacuated and then filled with a tracer gas, such as hydrogen, during the sniff test process. To detect leakage, a probe is manually moved across the surface of the part. Sniff leak locating is very effective at sensing and locating micro leaks, and it is best suited for checking smaller volumes of parts.

Sniff Leak Testing Highlights:

TracerMate CS Portable Atmospheric Sniffer System

TracerMate CS Portable Atmospheric Sniffer System

Low-cost tracer gas testing method that pinpoints the leak’s location
Can detect leaks in the 1.6 x 10-1 to 1×10-5 scc/s range.
Works best in a well-ventilated, trace-gas-free environment.
In environments where background noise (air flow) reduces the concentration of the gas tracer, effectiveness is limited.
Because sniff leak detectors are typically operated manually, the sniff test’s reliability is dependent on the operator’s experience.
The sniffer test method is relatively inexpensive depending on the type of tracer gas used and, when used correctly, is a reliable solution for leak detection and location. To learn more about our sniff leak detectors and other leak testing solutions, please contact us today.
Sniffer Leak Detector Technology for Reliable and Fast Testing
HVAC, aerospace, and other industries use atmospheric sniff systems to quickly and effectively locate leaks during part assembly. A CTS TracerMate hydrogen gas leak location system, a hand-held probe, and an Inficon mass spectrometer are all part of our sniffing system. Sniffer System for the Atmosphere

A sniffer test is performed by filling a part with tracer gas and moving the hand-held probe close to the area being checked for leakage. The sniffer probe collects air samples from the part test area and sends them to the mass spectrometer, where they are analysed for tracer gas concentration. When the mass spectrometer detects a tracer gas concentration that exceeds the previously set leak rate setpoint in the TracerMate, it alerts the TracerMate, and the part fails the leak test.

The TracerMate atmospheric sniff system can be programmed to perform up to 20 sequential tests, each of which can be started independently and saved as a multi-point leak test as a single test record. It runs on a hydrogen/nitrogen gas mixture and has a simple “plug and play” interface connection for simple setup.
Contact us today for a Custom Sniff Leak Testing System.

We offer a wide range of leak test solutions to meet all of your testing needs. Custom sniff systems are also available, and can be configured to provide automated ‘hands-free’ sniff leak testing for a single or multiple locations using a single test programme. The system depicted here includes a custom fixture for positioning the sniffer probe and circuitry in order to perform progressive leak testing at multiple locations using a one-part setup. Contact us for more information or to add to the quote below.

TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Detection System
TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Detection System is the name of the product.
TracerMate CS Leak Detection System Product Name: Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection System

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