What to do when your beard itches

What to do when your beard itches

What to do when your beard itches


One of the main reasons why many men abandon the idea of growing a beard is that annoying itch in the beard that appears a few days after shaving. But why does it happen? Is there a way to avoid it, or at least lessen its impact? Today at Ganiveteria Roca, we explain why the beard itches as it grows and what we can do to stop the irritating itching that causes so much discomfort.

  • Why is your beard itching?

After shaving, a process begins in which the beard hairs attempt to re-enter the skin, resulting in the irritating irritation that we are discussing today and the reason, among other things, why it itches. the moustache When we shave, we are actually cutting the beard hairs in such a way that their edges are sharp and uneven (especially if we use poor quality blades). As a result, irritation and itching occur in the beard area when the hairs try to grow back outward. Because the hairs are thicker and stronger than those on the scalp. It is a problem that becomes much more likely if we shave a lot.

If you want to avoid these irritating itches, it is highly recommended that you use good quality razors or razors, such as the ones we sell in our store, as you will get a good shave and prevent the hairs’ edges from growing unevenly. (which promotes irritation) and cause itching in the beard area. Using special products like soaps and shaving creams will also help to relieve the itch. When we combine this with dry and tight skin, the result is excruciating itching in the beard area. But don’t worry, there are some things you can do to avoid the tightness, itching, and dryness.

How can I keep my beard from itching? How to Prevent Beard Itching

Next, we’d like to share a few tips for taking care of your beard and avoiding annoying beard itching as it grows.

  • Keep good facial hygiene.

Keeping your skin and beard clean on a daily basis will go a long way towards reducing beard itchiness. As a result, it is critical that you use a beard shampoo. And if you’re thinking about using the same shampoo as your hair, don’t! Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wash your beard with hair shampoo.

Thousands of polluting particles that remain in your beard are exposed to your face during the day. When we add to this dirt the fact that the beard “retains” the dead skin cells that come off our faces as well as the sweat of the day, the result is a dirt focus. It is critical that you thoroughly wash your beard with a shampoo that allows you to clean, soothe the itchiness of the beard, and soften it all at the same time. You can find the best soaps and shaving creams at the best prices in our online store.

  • Make use of beard oil.

Beard oil is a product that can help reduce itchiness and irritation and is not just for long and bushy beards. The oil hydrates, soothes, lubricates, and softens the hair follicles, making facial hair less bothersome to grow. Discover the purpose of beard oil and how to get the most out of an essential product that will help you avoid itchy beards.

Using a special brush, brush the beard.
Brushing your beard is a quick gesture that will not only help you tame your beard hairs, but will also activate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Of course, you should do it with a good quality beard brush, which will help you “tame” the beard hairs without damaging them and will soften them. One of the best options for your beard is a brush with boar bristles, such as this one from our Ganiveteria Roca brand. The natural bristle allows for uniform beard hair organisation without breaking the hair.

  • When I let my beard grow, did it itch?

During the process of facial hair growth, it is normal for the itchiness of the beard on your face to bother you, and for the skin to flake slightly. Don’t worry, this unpleasant sensation usually disappears in a few days. Give your dermis time to get used to the presence of hair.

  • What to do when your beard itches?

Hygiene is essential to avoid itchy beards. One option is to use a beard shampoo. In this way you clean your face of the dirt that accumulates and eliminate the dead cells that remain in your beard, generating that annoying irritation.

  • How to do so that my beard does not get irritated?

Solution to relieve irritation:
Use a shaving gel or foam suitable for your skin type, as well as the right amount of product because if you do not use foam/gel you will prevent the blade from moving correctly.
Change the blade when you notice pulling or discomfort or it is somewhat “rusty”.

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