International Scholarships for Development-Related Studies

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In today’s interconnected world, there is an increasing emphasis on fostering development in various fields to address global challenges. Scholarships play a vital role in supporting students from developing countries who aspire to pursue studies in development-related disciplines. This blog post highlights some of the prominent international scholarships available for those interested in making a positive impact in their home countries and beyond.

  1. Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants (Any Country): The Rotary Foundation offers Global Grants for high-impact projects in six key areas, including peace, health, education, and community development. Scholarships valued at a minimum of $30,000 can be pursued in any country with a Rotary club or district.
  2. OFID Scholarship Award (Any Country): The OPEC Fund for International Development provides fully-funded scholarships for Master’s degrees in development-related fields, covering tuition fees, living expenses, books, and accommodation, up to $50,000.
  3. Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program (Multiple Countries): This program supports students from World Bank member countries pursuing development-related studies, covering tuition, subsistence allowance, and travel costs.
  4. ADB Japan Scholarship Program (Asian Countries): The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program offers opportunities for citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to pursue postgraduate studies in various development-related fields, including economics and technology.
  5. DAAD Scholarships for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (Germany): The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides scholarships for international students from developing countries to pursue specialized postgraduate studies, including monthly stipends and insurance coverage.
  6. KAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries (Germany): Targeted towards postgraduates and academics from developing or emerging countries, these scholarships support studies in development-oriented disciplines with significance for the applicant’s home country.
  7. VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program (Belgium): VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries to study International Course Programs or Training Programs in development-related fields, covering all related expenses.
  8. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships Program (USA): This program offers experienced professionals from designated countries opportunities for professional enrichment through non-degree academic study and related experiences in the USA.
  9. Commonwealth Scholarships (UK): Targeting students from developing Commonwealth countries, these scholarships support Master’s and Ph.D. studies in various fields, prioritizing applications with strong relevance to development.
  10. International Scholarships for Specific Development Courses: These scholarships focus on sustainable energy development, sustainability studies, agriculture, and horticulture, offering support to students with a passion for contributing to specific development areas.
  11. International Scholarships for General Fields of Study: Scholarships like the Aga Khan Foundation, Reach Oxford, Australia Awards, and New Zealand International Scholarships are aimed at students who plan to contribute to the development of their home countries after their studies.
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International scholarships for development studies play a crucial role in fostering global progress and creating positive change in various fields. These opportunities enable students from developing countries to acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied in their home countries, making a significant impact on their societies and contributing to a better world.

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