How to remove Pex Clamps

How to remove Pex Clamps

How to remove of Pex Clamps

It is very simple to use a heavy-duty end cutter.

Separate the fitting assembly from the PEX pipe using a pipe cutter. The cut should be made close to the fitting. If you leave between 12′′ and 3/4′′ of pipe exposed, it may be easier to grasp the pipe with pliers and remove it from the fitting.
A cutting jaw should be on each side of the clamp ear. Squeeze the handles until the jaws completely cut off the clamp ear. Grab one of the cut ends to release the clamp from the pipe once the jaws are open.
Remove the PEX pipe. The barbs on the PEX fittings make it difficult to remove the pipe; thus, grasp the pipe firmly with pliers and twist it to release it from the fitting.

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Or simply Attach a cutting jaw to each side of the clamp ear. Squeeze the handles until the jaws cut through the clamp ear completely. Then, using the jaws, grasp one of the cut ends to open and remove the clamp from the pipe.

How do you get rid of PEX crimp sleeves?

Use a flathead screwdriver to accomplish this. Insert it between the cuts and twist to release the crimp ring. Bend and remove the crimp ring using pliers. Alternatively, if the pipe’s end is not connected to anything else, slide the crimp ring off the pipe.

FAQs on How to remove Pex Clamps

  • Why are PEX crimp rings dark in colour?

The black coating is a surface treatment, not paint, that does not enlarge the ring. Brass insert fittings and rings are produced and certified to ASTM F1807 specifications to ensure compatibility with all SDR9 PEX tubing and fitting components from various manufacturers.

  • Can PEX clamps be reused?

The fitting, regardless of which option you choose, can be reused, but not the pinch clamp. Consider the following methods for removing the pinch clamp and reusing the fitting before discarding it. Always check the condition of a fitting before using it again.

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  • Can you remove a SharkBite and reuse it?

SharkBite fittings can be reused two to three times before the O-ring that creates a waterproof seal is damaged to the point where it may leak. It’s also important to remember that removing a SharkBite fitting from the same pipe multiple times can damage it.

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