David Johnston International Student Entrance Scholarship Master Of Mathematics Computer Science

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The David Johnston International Experience Awards have been established to honor the exceptional leadership of David Johnston during his tenure as President of the University of Waterloo.

These merit-based scholarships recognize his remarkable contributions to Canada and his commitment to promoting cross-cultural understanding. Generous contributions from individuals and corporations have made these awards possible, and they will continue to commemorate David Johnston’s legacy for years to come.

Overview of the Scholarship

The number of scholarships to be awarded varies each year. These scholarships are available for postgraduate students pursuing their education at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The scholarship is renewable, providing students with ongoing support throughout their academic journey. The application deadline for the current year is September 1, 2023, and successful applicants will be announced later.

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Eligibility Criteria

Prospective international undergraduate and graduate students admitted to the first year of any Faculty at the University of Waterloo are eligible for these scholarships.

Priority is given to students enrolled in thesis-based programs. To be considered, international students must have their tuition expenses assessed as international student tuition fees. Additionally, they should have achieved an entrance average of at least 80%.

Students who have already received substantial financial aid exceeding $7,000 per year for undergraduates or $20,000 per year for graduate students (excluding IMSA and IDSA funds) are typically ineligible for this grant.

Application Process

The application process for these scholarships is straightforward. Students are automatically considered for the David Johnston International Experience Awards when they apply for courses at the University of Waterloo that are eligible for this scholarship. No separate application is needed, making it convenient for prospective students.

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Scholarship Amount Details

Specific information about the scholarship amount is not provided in the available details. However, successful recipients can expect financial support to assist them in their academic pursuits at the University of Waterloo.

Additional Information

For further details and updates, interested applicants can visit the official scholarship website at Unfortunately, there is no registration link for the scholarship, but students can direct any queries to [email protected] or call 519-888-4567 for assistance.


The David Johnston International Experience Awards celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of former University of Waterloo President David Johnston and promote his vision of fostering global understanding among students from all corners of the world.

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Aspiring international students who meet the eligibility criteria and plan to pursue their postgraduate studies at the University of Waterloo can apply for this prestigious merit-based scholarship. By supporting promising individuals, this scholarship continues to make a positive impact on the international student community and higher education in Canada.

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