David Johnston International Student Entrance Scholarship Master In Quantitative Finance

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The David Johnston International Experience Awards have been established to celebrate the exceptional leadership of David Johnston during his tenure as President of the University of Waterloo.

These awards aim to honor his commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and his remarkable contributions to Canada. The scholarships will be awarded to deserving international students pursuing postgraduate or Ph.D. programs at the University of Waterloo.

Number of Scholarships: The exact number of scholarships to be awarded varies each year.

Type of Scholarship: The scholarships are merit-based, meaning they will be given to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and potential.

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Renewability: The scholarships are renewable for eligible students, meaning recipients may receive the award for subsequent years of study if they maintain the required academic performance.

Application Deadline: Prospective international students must apply for the scholarships by September 1, 2023.

Applicability of the Scholarship: These scholarships are applicable only for postgraduate and Ph.D. programs offered at the University of Waterloo.

Countries and Universities: The scholarships are specifically designed for international students planning to study at the University of Waterloo, located in Canada.

Scholarship Amount Details: Each scholarship will have a value of $5,000, which will help support students’ educational expenses.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for these scholarships, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be prospective overseas undergraduate or graduate students admitted to the first year of their program in any Faculty at the University of Waterloo.
  2. Priority will be given to students enrolled in thesis-based programs.
  3. Only international students whose tuition expenses have been assessed at international student tuition fees are eligible.
  4. Students who have received an entrance average of at least 80% will be considered.
  5. Preference may be given to students who receive significant financial assistance.
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Application Process: Students are automatically considered for the scholarships by their respective Faculty or Department. There is no separate application process.

Additional Information: For further details and application guidelines, interested students can visit the scholarship website:

For any inquiries or assistance, students can reach out to the University of Waterloo at the following contact information:

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