Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023


In their search for the best bowling ball for left handers, lefties face some unique advantages as well as challenges. Most bowling lanes are primed and patterned for right-handed bowlers, creating some challenging conditions for left-handed bowlers approaching from the opposite side of the lane.

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The best bowling ball for left handers will highlight a bowler’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses, while also being perfectly calibrated for a bowler who does not throw with their traditionally dominant right hand. Having said that, we’ve combed through dozens of left-handed bowling ball options to compile a list of the 6 Best Bowling Balls For Left Handers In 2021.

(Stay tuned to the end for some useful left-handed bowling tips and tricks, as well as a primer on all things left-handed in the world of bowling!)

5 Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers

5. Precision Track Bowling Ball

Track Bowling Equipment Track Precision Bowling Ball, 15lbs, Blue/Orange/White
Track Bowling Equipment Track Precision Bowling Ball, 15lbs, Blue/Orange/White

Left-handed bowlers can struggle with lane length due to slick untouched oil patterns, which is why the Track Precision is such a great buy. This ball is designed to read the middle of the lane like a book before launching into an extremely angular breakpoint motion. This is the left-handed gem that will stay on the lane and slot into the pocket.

Blue, orange, and white

Precision SD is the core (Asymmetrical)

Prime Pearl Coverstock (Reactive Pearl)

500 / 1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish

RG: 2.49

0.054 difference

Moderate to Significant Flare Potential

Medium-Heavy is the recommended lane condition.


The Track Precision is expertly crafted to grip confidently in the most difficult oil conditions. The more oil it sees, the harder it works in favour of the bowler.
This ball’s backend reaction is sharp and easy to fine-tune with minor changes to one’s throwing style and release point. With your entry angles, you can essentially perform surgery.
The Track Precision’s hitting power is enhanced by the ball’s low centre of gravity. On impact, it lofts pins out of the way in beautiful, unique trajectories.


While the coverstock is very durable and will most likely not burn out in dry oil conditions, you won’t get the length or back end angularity that you’re used to on medium and heavy oil patterns.
This ball necessitates a steady hand and the ability to read a ball with a lot of flare potential and horizontal movement. This ball will be difficult for you if you are not used to it.

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4. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is ideal for left-handed bowling beginners and intermediate bowlers who prefer a straighter shot. It provides premium control in an entry-level performance package. If you’ve had trouble controlling other balls and need to fine-tune your lines and approach, the Brunswick Rhino is a forgiving ball that will assist you in finding your mark.


Colors available: red, black, gold pearl / black, blue, silver pearl / purple, pink, white pearl / green, silver pearl / black pearl
Light Bulb as the heart (Symmetrical)
R-16 Reactive Coverstock (Reactive Pearl)
RG: 2.524 Finish: 500 SiaAir / Royal Compound / Royal Shine
0.030 difference
Flare potential: negligible
Lane Recommendation Dry to medium-dry.


For a very reasonable price, this ball provides excellent lane length in dry and medium-dry conditions. You get a lot of controllable rage for very little money.
You don’t have to be concerned about the Brunswick Rhino hooking up too early or going wonky in the middle of the lane. This ball tracks exceptionally well and maintains its line towards the pin pocket.
In depleted oil conditions, expert bowlers looking for a straight-line strike ball or spare ball will find a friend in the Brunswick Rhino.


The more oil this ball comes into contact with, the more it will become gummed up and begin to slide off the lane and into the gutters. Keep this ball in the slickest of bags.
The Brunswick Rhino’s overall game lacks hook potential and back-end sharpness. Thatgültig cheval mattergültig cheval Clubgültig chevalwoodgültig cheval sungültig cheval actualgültig cheval actualgültig chevalatorgültig cheval actualgültig cheval Augültig cheval avoidgültig cheval actual matter cheval

3) Bowling Ball Roto Grip Winner

Left handers who struggle to keep their balls on the lane in medium to medium-heavy oil conditions will appreciate how quickly the Roto Grip Winner finds its footing and maintains its stability on its way to a very sharp and distinct breakpoint reaction. The Roto Grip Winner has no problem staying in its lane and finding its groove before unleashing a ferocious back end burst of impact violence.


Red, gold, and charcoal
Altered Hotshot as the core (Symmetrical)
VTC-P18 coverstock (Reactive Pearl)
1500 Grit Polished Finish
Differential: 0.054 RG: 2.54
Moderate to Significant Flare Potential
Lane Recommendation Medium condition


The pearlized VTC-P18 coverstock achieves a good balance of reactivity and lane length. There aren’t many pearlized coverstocks that can say that.
The Roto Grip Winner’s sharp jut and turn off the breakpoint produce some fireworks and an increased number of entry angles for a bowler to experiment with.
This is one of the most long-lasting performance bowling balls we’ve tested in a long time. There aren’t many other balls with a comparable play life for left-handed bowlers.

In dry and medium-dry oil conditions, this ball simply skids and slides. Good luck trying to keep this ball under control once the oil patterns break down significantly.
Higher-rev bowlers have expressed concern about this ball skidding past the breakpoint on shorter oil patterns.

3. Rising Bowling Ball Pyramid Path

The Pyramid Path Rising appears to have been meticulously designed for a left-handed bowler who struggles to reach optimum speeds or generate revs on their own. The ball’s high-RG core revs up quickly and easily, propelling it down the lane before launching into a back-end reaction that belies the ball’s entry-level performance ball status.


Aqua, Silver Pearl / Black, Hot Pink Pearl / Black, Silver Pearl / Blue, Dark Blue Pearl / Enchanted Black, Teal, Silver Hybrid / Kelly Green Sparkle Pearl / Purple, Steel Blue Pearl / Red, White
New Era 139 is the core (Symmetrical)
Path Reactive Coverstock (Reactive Pearl)
Abralon 1500 Grit / Factory Polish
RG: 2.54
0.032 as the differential
Moderate flare potential
Medium-Dry is the recommended lane condition.


The Pyramid Path Rising hits hard and doesn’t let up. It has exceptional durability for an entry-level bowling ball, ensuring that the impressive pin impacts continue for months and years to come.
Late in the pattern, this ball revs up on its own, giving slower bowlers and lower-rev bowlers an extra burst to play with.
If you’re looking for a great spare ball for depleted oil patterns, the Pyramid Path Rising is for you.


This ball is submerged in oil. The more oil this ball discovers, the more confused it becomes. Keep this ball in your bag when the weather is at its best.
This ball doesn’t have a lot of hook potential or angularity. You can hook it, but not to the same extent as other balls on this list designed for such displays.

2. Antidote Pyramid Bowling Ball

If you’re a lefty who struggles to get lane length and a solid mid-lane length read on a traditional house shot pattern, consider the Pyramid Antidote as a potential mid-performance strike ball of choice. With easy traction and a powerful transition from your hook into a controlled roll, the Pyramid Antidote dominates house shot patterns.


Yellow, black, and white
New Era 139 is the core (Symmetrical)
GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock (Reactive Solid)
Finish: Abralon 2000 Grit / Factory RG: 2.55 Differential: 0.054 Finish Polish
Moderate flare potential
Lane Recommendation Medium-heavy condition


With its heavy roll and proclivity for revving up something fierce on the back end, this ball’s high-RG core works in its favour.
The Pyramid Antidote has been calibrated to provide a significant advantage to both lefties and righties on traditional house shot patterns. This is a league bowler’s dream ball.
There aren’t many balls that can easily read the middle of the lane while also efficiently storing energy for some crazy back-end theatrics.

In extremely dry conditions or on depleted oil patterns, this ball becomes extremely unwieldy and nearly impossible to nail down.
While this ball is designed for house shot patterns, it can get a little lost on complex oil patterns designed specifically for tournament play.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

While this is not a strike ball for most intermediate and advanced left-handed bowlers, it is an excellent spare ball for anyone looking to capitalise on depleted oil patterns and dry oil conditions. It’s not a reactive bowling ball, but it doesn’t have to be in these circumstances. When you need a spare and your oil patterns have broken down, this ball simply hits its mark and provides pinpoint control.


Deep Space is the colour.
Symmetrical core
Polyester coverstock (Plastic)
High polish finish
Differential: 0.019 RG: 2.715
Flare potential: negligible
Recommended Lane The weather is dry.


If you need to hit a straight-line mark on a dry or depleted oil pattern, this ball will do the job every time!
The polyester cover of the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball is extremely durable and does not require the same level of maintenance as porous reactive bowling balls.
The beautiful deep space pattern on the ball is blacklight reactive! If you enjoy going cosmic bowling on the weekends, you’re going to have a lot of fun with this ball.


The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball’s sworn enemy is oil. This ball’s coverstock has zero reactivity, and it shows when it drowns itself in medium to high oil patterns.
This is a spare ball at best for lefties who aren’t beginners still learning the game. The hook potential is close to zero, and there isn’t much room for experimentation.


Is there an advantage for left-handed bowlers?

When it comes to oil preservation on the opposite side of the lanes, left-handed bowlers have a significant advantage over right-handed bowlers. Because the vast majority of bowlers are right-handed, the oil is constantly pushed around on the right side of the lane and breaks down much faster.

The oil on the left side of the lane, on the other hand, is usually in excellent condition. As a result, left-handed bowlers will have many more opportunities to maximise their reactive strike bowling balls and use the original oil pattern for needed firepower and hook sharpness.

In fact, the majority of leagues notice a significant difference in the scores of left-handed bowlers and right-handed bowlers with comparable skill sets. There is simply less breakdown for left-handed bowlers to contend with, which means more opportunities to convert oil into strike gold.

Who is the most talented left-handed bowler?

There have been a few professional bowlers who have achieved Hall of Fame status or come close while bowling with their left arm. Johnny Petraglia is the most notable lefty PBA Hall of Famer.

Petraglia, who was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1982, is the first and only PBA bowler to win three consecutive televised national tournaments! Furthermore, he is one of only six bowlers in PBA history to have won all three majors during their career.

What’s more, Petraglia accomplished all of this while missing five potentially peak years of his professional career while serving in the United States Army.

Honorable mention goes to PBA Hall of Famer Earl Anthony, the first PBA bowler to earn a million dollars.

How do you spin a bowling ball with your left hand?

To spin a bowling ball left handed, you’ll basically follow all of the normal steps for spinning a bowling ball except for one key step.

A lefty, on the other hand, will rotate their fingers from the 6 o’clock position to the 3 or 4 o’clock position on the side of the ball from right to left (rather than left to right). If you do this quickly and confidently enough, your bowling ball’s axis will tilt significantly and you’ll get the spin you want.Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

When it comes to spinning a bowling ball, a left hander has two advantages. To begin, left-handed bowling balls are typically weighted in a way that makes spinning them a little easier to pull off. Second, using a reactive bowling ball on a relatively untouched side of a bowling lane means that your ball will absorb more oil and convert it into hooking power.

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While there are many similarities between what it takes to succeed as a left-handed bowler and a right-handed bowler, there are some key nuances and adjustments that left handers must make that are unique to them. You’ll be well on your way to mastering the southpaw throwing style and turning opens into spares and spares into strikes if you have one of the six best bowling balls for left handers in your arsenal.Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

Is there a difference between left-handed bowling balls?

For left-handed bowlers, everything, including the shoes and balls, is a little different. Left-handed balls differ in two ways: the spacing and location of the thumb and finger holes on the ball, and the centre weight of the ball.

Do left-handed bowlers have an advantage?

ä Left-handers have always had it easier than right-handers, according to bowling lore. Those who believe this claim that because there are fewer left-handers, the lanes don’t break down as quickly on that side, requiring the lefty to make fewer adjustments.
Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

Where should I aim when bowling left-handed?

A good rule of thumb for right-handed bowlers is to place the inside of their left foot on the centre dot, and the same for left-handed bowlers. Then, with your other foot slightly behind it and about 2 inches apart, stand.Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers 2023

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