Best Longboards for Heavy Riders in 2023

Best Longboards for Heavy Riders in 2023

Best Longboards for Heavy Riders in 2023

Overview of Longboards for Heavy Riders.

Longboards are an excellent choice for riders who want to combine mobility and style. Many people believe that overweight or obese riders cannot ride, but this is untrue. While the selection of the best longboard for heavy riders is somewhat limited, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing a new board.

A longboard is similar to a skateboard, but it is longer, slower, and not designed for tricks. The weight limit of the best longboards for bigger and taller riders is typically up to 300 pounds.

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I’ll share a list of longboards and cruisers suitable for heavier riders, as well as a buying guide for taller and larger longboarders.

The Top 8 Longboards for Heavy Riders

The following are the top eight best longboards for heavier and taller riders. These have been recommended by the Reddit longboarding community, and I’ll mention a couple of cruisers that I’ve tested.

It’s a cross between a longboard and a cruiser. While cruisers are more agile and ideal for short commutes, longboards are ideal for long-distance riding.

  1. Tugboat Captain Landyachtz
    Landyachtz Tugboat from various perspectives
    Let’s start with something quick and agile. The Tugboat Captain of the Landyachtz sits between a skateboard and a longboard. It is extremely strong and can withstand heavy loads. This is a board to consider if you want a fun and playful ride.

The super wide deck has a large kicktail and a smaller curbed nose, as well as a steep concave. It will take some time to adjust to its aggressive geometry, but because there is plenty of room for your feet, it won’t be too long.

The grip tape is extremely sticky, which aids in aggressive turns and keeps you on your board when riding over rougher terrain. The massive kicktail has a much steeper angle than any other cruiser I’ve seen, but it’s great for digging in when you come across pebbles and cracks.

You can do a couple of tricks because of its steep concave and shape, but I would be cautious. However, hopping a few curbs is acceptable.

The trucks and bushings are strong enough for sharp turns, but the board will let you know when you can’t go any further. Don’t worry, you’ll notice it eventually.

Fatty Hawgs wheels aren’t my favourite, but they seem to work well with this setup. They’re only 60mm long, but they appear to be the right size for this board.

The Spaceball bearings come with integrated spacers and aren’t that great; if possible, swap them out for Zealous bearings. It will make a significant difference. Do you want to learn more? See my complete Landyachtz Tugboat review.

Let’s get to the longboards.

The Top 8 Longboards for Heavy Riders
  1. Elements of a Busting Sportster
    Elements of a Busting Sportster
    Although I have not tested this board, according to my research, the Bustin Elements is frequently recommended for heavy riders on several forums. Bustin Boards created the new ‘Elements’ Sportster for low-platform commuters. It features the ‘Response Drop’ design, which is extremely efficient for speed weaving in congested urban areas.

Because of its (E) Core inside, this longboard is ideal for heavy riders. The deck is constructed of Canadian Maple wood and epoxy-based glues. It has a Reinforced Maple top sheet at the top, followed by seven composite reinforcement layers. Fiberglass is used as Truck mount reinforcement at the bottom.

The longboard measures 35.5 inches in length and ten inches in width. Because of the width, it is appropriate for riders with larger shoe sizes. Furthermore, the wheelbase is slightly longer than 29 inches. This is a small bike with a fork nose that has been reinforced.

  1. 9 Meridian Sector
    Longboarders of various skill levels. Some people may be newcomers, while others may be maestros. If you are a larger, taller, and heavier rider looking for a longboard that will last, choose Sector 9 Meridian, which is suitable for all skill levels.

The Meridian’s drop-through mount design makes it easy for the rider to push and have fun. The eight-ply maple deck keeps it low to the ground and provides balance at high speeds.

The 10.0 inch Gullwing charger trucks on this mean machine are incredible. Furthermore, the shape is traditional Taco, which allows you to dig your feet when turning. Bearings, on the other hand, have an ABEC 5 rating but a 25-year warranty.

This longboard is forty inches long and nearly ten inches wide. The Meridian has a wheelbase that is slightly longer than thirty inches. To summarise, it is the best longboard for heavy riders weighing up to 230 pounds.

  1. Arbor DropCruiser Signature

  2. Arbor DropCruiser Flagship will get you where you want to go, whether it’s a cruise down the Boardwalk or a skate down the winding mountain road.

The DropCruiser flagship provides balance and harmony with a Palisander wood top and bottom-finish ply and an excellent standing platform. Because of its nine-ply Canadian hard rock maple construction, this premium longboard is best suited for overweight and taller riders.

It has soft, grippy wheels that are ideal for carving and cruising. With its 180 mm trucks, this aesthetically pleasing ride is best suited for heavy riders.

  1. Barbarian Omen
    Omen Barbarian is the best longboard for anyone who wants to ride flat terrain or downhill quickly. This longboard is very competitive at a reasonable price.

Carbon Fiberboard (only): $139.99; you must select the other components yourself!

Taller riders will benefit from the symmetrical decks, which provide balance and stability. Carbon Fiber is used to make the board.

The nine-ply maple deck is ideal for heavier riders. Furthermore, the Paris 50 reverse kingpin trucks are an added bonus for taller riders.

  • Switchblade 40 Chief Night by Landyachtz
    I have not personally tested this board, but I am aware that Landyachtz produces high-quality boards. Landyachtz is a premium longboard company, and their Switchblade 40 chief night is highly recommended by heavy riders.

The switchblade is a double drop freeride longboard that is ideal for freeriding. For taller and larger riders, this forty-by-twenty longboard provides thrust, safety, durability, and top speed.

Switchblade’s board set comes with everything you need. It features 180 mm Gen-6 grizzly trucks, making it the ideal longboard for bigger riders. The symmetrical deck is made entirely of Canadian maple and is manufactured in Canada.

The foot platform allows you to drop your foot while curving and turning, which adds to the stability. Heavy riders will enjoy freeriding on these perfectly matched components. Switchblade also makes a 38-inch version, but the 40-inch Chief Night is ideal for taller and larger riders.

  • Cruiser Globe Big Blazer

The Globe big blazer is a cruiser that measures 32 inches long. It’s an excellent longboard/cruiser for both beginners and experienced riders. It can withstand a lot of abuse and is very predictable. It takes some getting used to, but it’s surprisingly fast.

This board may bore experienced riders, but it is ideal for heavier riders who are new to longboarding. Very stable and responsive, but not for long periods of cruising.

The deck measures 32 inches tall and 9 inches wide at the front. The length is between a small cruiser and a longboard (32′′), and the width is 9′′ at its widest point, making it ideal for heavier riders and beginners. This board’s lack of concave is what makes it a little boring. The deck’s surface is extremely flat, with a small kicktail.

You can still easily jump curbs and ride over rough terrain; just remember to lean back when you come across gravel.

Arbor Oso skateboard arbour oso cruiser

This board is large and heavy, with a massive kicktail and a wide width. The Paris Street trucks are similarly wide and stable.

I like the wheels because they are buttery smooth and the amber colour adds a nice touch.

The Oso has an Oldschool vibe to it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could ride it in a pool. It’s heavy, as previously stated, but you won’t notice when riding. It only serves to keep you stable.

The very mellow concave makes this board more beginner friendly, with significantly less concave than the LY tugboat. This also means that your feet have more room. When you come across rocks, twigs, or cracks, the massive kicktail helps you get into an aggressive stance, and it ploughs through gravel with ease.

I took some time to find the proper stance and discovered that I prefer to place my front feet near the front bolts and my back foot near the tail. When I encounter gravel, cracks, or a patch of grass, I like to take a more aggressive stance by placing my back foot on the tail.

The hard bushings make this board especially suitable for heavy riders. This was the only thing that bothered me, and I had to swap them out for softer bushings. Heavy riders will appreciate them, however; I gained a few pounds, but the hardness was too much for my weight.

Long-distance riding is not recommended for this board. It’s more of a commuter bike, but it’s ideal for heavier riders.

Maestro Bustin’
Longboard Bustin Maestro
The Bustin Maestro is a popular longboard among beginners and heavier riders. It’s not as cheap as those crappy Amazon boards, but you get high-quality components that can withstand heavier longboarders.

The Maestro is a pusher, so it’s not as good for long distances or free rising as the Bustin Sportster.

The Maestro is one of the best push boards available, especially for the price. The Maestro is ideal for those who want a bit of freedom while still enjoying a comfortable ride. I recommend reading our full review because we tested this board.

Longboard Buying Guide for Big Guys
If you are taller than 5′ 10′′ and/or weigh more than 200 pounds, you may be considered a heavy rider. Longboards are typically made with an 8-ply deck that holds 250 pounds on average.

The weight capacity is heavily influenced by how you maintain yourself while riding. The durability of the longboard will be reduced if you continue to press it in the wrong places. As a result, it is also affected by how you land, as well as your weight.

If you’re a bit heavier, the parts are important to consider when choosing a longboard. Let’s take a look at all of the essential components of a longboard so you can get a better idea of what you need. This knowledge will assist you in selecting the “right complete” with the “right parts.”

There is a fine line between a standard longboard and one designed for heavy riders.

Decks and Forms

Wood is a natural longboard deck material. If you’re looking for a longboard with a maple deck, make sure it has at least eight layers. It’s even better if you can find a maple wood deck with nine layers. Furthermore, to accommodate the big guys, the deck width should be at least 9.75 inches.

Longboards’ maple wood decks must be strong enough to support a heavier and taller rider. If the flexibility of a maple wood deck is too much for you, please enquire about the layers. As previously stated, 8-9 layers add enough board strength to support a larger rider.

The material used in the deck of the best longboard for bulky riders is the most important consideration when purchasing one. Bamboo layers provide natural flexibility to the longboard. This level of adaptability is not detrimental to a taller rider.

Furthermore, you can select the best combination for your longboard by combining bamboo layers and fibreglass. This arrangement is both subtle and long-lasting. It adds a lot of stiffness and strength to the longboard. As a result, when looking for the best longboard for overweight riders, it is best to conduct extensive deck material research.


Flex longboard vs. flat longboard
Many longboards have flexible decks that are not ideal for heavy riders. A little flex is fine, but avoid extremely flexy boards!

Decks that curve upward

If you are tall, heavy, or both, you should look for the best longboard with an upward curved deck. This deck shape will add more longevity and is by far the least flexible.

Wheelbase is too short.

The durability of a longboard is typically determined by your skill level. If you know your weight, height, or size is enormous, you should learn how to place your feet correctly. A short wheelbase ensures strength and safety. The best longboards for heavy riders should have a shorter wheelbase. Furthermore, it allows you to place your feet near the trucks. The wheelbase length should not be so short that a heavy rider finds it difficult to manoeuvre.

Wheelbase Extensive

When you’re an overweight longboarder (or just a tall guy with heavy bones), I recommend concentrating on minor hazards. When you place a step incorrectly on a long wheelbase, it may break the deck. Keep in mind that longboarding is a difficult sport with many unexpected manoeuvres. As a result, if you are a heavyweight, I recommend that you do not choose a longboard with a longer wheelbase.

Decks that are flat

For a heavy rider, these decks are neutral. Flat decks work better than Cambered decks because they have less flexibility. When viewed from the side, Neutral flat decks appear more flat than an upward curved deck or a downward curved deck. After upward curved decks, flat decks are one of the best longboards for heavy riders.

Decks with Cambered Edges

The downward curved board is also known as a cambered deck. These boards typically flex more. Longboarding benefits from some degree of flexibility. However, when it comes to heavy riders, flexibility can cause deck damage. A longboard with a cambered deck should not be purchased by a larger or heavier rider. It is not a “bulk-friendly” product.

Concave Form

Longboards with concave decks have more rigidity and subtlety. The deeper the concave, the more strength the deck has. As a result, a heavy rider should only select a longboard with a sturdy deck. Flexibility is noticeable, but not for taller or larger riders. W-concave is another style of this shape that is available in more expensive longboards.


Longboards designed for heavy riders must have sturdy trucks. Trucks made of plastic cannot support the weight of a taller and heavier rider. Nylon is also not suitable for trucks. Your trucks should be made of aluminium and steel to provide a solid foundation for heavy riders. A good longboard will also have kingpins, axles, nuts, and baseplates. All parts are necessary for the longboard’s solid construction.

You should also consider the mounting style of these trucks. Drop-through trucks should be the mounting style for a heavier and taller rider who wants to ride freestyle. Trucks should be top-mounted if you ride a lot of downhill. You can choose the hollow-shaped kingpins for your kingpins.


various bushing shapes for skateboarding and longboarding
Harder bushings may benefit heavier longboarders. Examine the table below to see what works best for you. I included tables for general longboards, freeride bushings, and downhill. You may want to skip downhill, but this is not advised if you are overweight.

The Top 8 Longboards for Heavy Riders

Weight KG Flexy Medium Stiff 50-100

22.5 – 45 65a 78a 81a 75-125 34 – 56 80a 83a 85a\s100-145

45–66 85a 87a 88a 125-175 56–79 87a 89a 91a 145–195 66–88.5 88a 93a 94a 175-220+ 79–100+ 91a 93a 97a+
pound weight
KG Flexible Medium Stiff 50-100
22.5 – 45 65a 78a 81a 75-125 34 – 56 80a 83a 85a\s100-145
45 – 66 85a 87a 88a 125-175 56 – 79 87a 89a 91a\s145-195
66 – 88.5 88a 93a 94a 175-220+ 79 – 100+ 91a 93a 97a+
pound weight
KG Flexible Medium Stiff 50-100
22.5 – 45 65a 78a 81a 75-125 34 – 56 80a 83a 85a\s100-145
45 – 66 85a 87a 88a 125-175
56–79 88a 90a 93a 145–195 66–88.5 90a 93a 94a 175-220+ 79–100+ 91a 93a 100a+
Bearings with zeal
First and foremost, because you are a taller and heavier longboard rider, you should avoid cheap bearings. Ignore the ABEC rating and focus on the build quality.

For cruising and longboarding, I personally recommend Zealous Bearings. They are extremely durable, and once you get going, they just keep going. Bones skateboard bearings are better for quick acceleration.

On a regular skateboard, all you want to do is get up to speed quickly and perform a trick. On a longboard, you want to keep going without pushing too hard.

Avoid Bones Ceramic bearings (which are overpriced) and lower grade metals. Steel bearings are the way to go. The stronger the bearings, the longer the longboard will last.


fat free cruiser wheels orangatang
Wheels are important, but not so much in terms of weight. Just get some big fat soft wheels in the 70-75mm/78A range and you’re good to go. Wheels can now withstand a heavier rider thanks to advances in polyurethane technology.

When a taller and/or bigger rider cruises on a longboard, there may be an excess of sudden moves. The days of cored wheels are over, and manufacturers have found a way to compensate for their flaw.

Heavier Riders’ Longboard Buying Guide
Longboards for heavier riders should have durable trucks because this is where the load is shifted while riding. If your longboard trucks are made of nylon or plastic, you should avoid this area if you are a heavy rider. We recommend Aluminum or Steel trucks and bearings because you do not want your boards to crack.

It is critical to keep in mind that not all longboards are designed for heavier riders. If the vast array of longboards on the market overwhelms you, you can always return to this article to clear your mind. Furthermore, you can choose one of the five best longboards for heavy riders from our list.

Your decks should have at least eight plies, and your trucks should be solid. You can go with layered bamboo decks or a hybrid with fibreglass.

If you’re going fast, you’ll need a little more flexibility in your deck, but since you’re a big guy, the natural flexibility of bamboo layers should be enough. Furthermore, heavy riders are at risk of “wheel bite.” Before purchasing a longboard, you should test the deck height.

Taller Riders’ Longboard Buying Guide
Why should you have all the fun if you are a taller rider, say over 6′ 2′′? In addition, if you are completely confident in your longboard riding abilities, you can opt for a smaller board for urban use. Riding a 44-inch board in city areas or on your way to class may be difficult due to crowded conditions.

Still, it is a matter of personal preference and riding style. Even for urban rides, we recommend not choosing a longboard with a deck length less than 36 inches to match your tall stature.

For your convenience, here is a longboard size chart:

Height fashion

Longboard dimensions
More than 5′ 10″ More than 40″
More than 5′ 10″ More than 42″
greater than 5’10” between 38 and 42 inches
Longboard Buying Advice for Larger Riders
Larger riders face unique challenges. They could, for example, have overhanging feet for riders with larger shoe sizes. What should you do if your shoe size does not fit the standing platform?

Riding may be more difficult if you are heavy and have a very flexible board. Consider a stiffer board to aid in your balance.

Curved decks may be uncomfortable for those with large feet and larger shoe sizes. However, it all comes down to personal preference. Our advice is to seriously consider this before purchasing a longboard for larger riders; it will make the decision much easier.

Decks are typically 42 inches long and 10 inches wide. If your shoe size does not fit, you can purchase a 44-inch longboard.

Last Thoughts

Longboards are for everyone, regardless of body type. When purchasing a longboard, consider the most important factors and avoid cheap boards on Amazon. Those will not provide a comfortable ride or support your weight.

The deck should have at least eight plies.
Wheel diameters should be between 70mm and 75mm.
Wheelbase length should be determined by your preferences.
For better balance, the deck width should be 8.75′′ to 10′′.
The deck material could be layered maple or bamboo.

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