11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023


Beach waves are formed when you blow dry your hair on the beach. They have a lot of volume and depth to them, and they look great when styled against the grain.

If you’ve ever attempted to make beach waves at home, you know it’s a difficult look that takes time and effort. However, with a few high-quality beach wave tools and a little know-how, you can quickly master the art of beach waves.

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In this article, we’ll go over the top ten beach wave tools so you can incorporate the look into your hairstyles and hair care routine right away.

Why Use Beach Waves Hair Tools?

Aside from achieving the best results as a professional hairdresser or as someone who appreciates beautiful beach waves hair, using the best wavy hair tools has several advantages.

Among these benefits are:

  1. Saving Time
    Using the right hair tools will save you time. Each hairstyle necessitates a unique set of tools.

You will save time and achieve a great result if you use beach waves hair tools.

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  1. Conservation of Energy
    If you’ve ever tried to make beach waves with the wrong equipment, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

You could still achieve a similar effect, but consider how long it took you to get or keep your beach waves hair.

This is why investing in the right beach waves hair tools can save you time and effort spent on other equipment.

  1. Produces the best results
    When you have the right tools, getting beach waves hair is simple. It would also give you beautiful beach waves hair that had been properly groomed.

Using a GHD Curve Classic Curling Iron, for example, would simply distribute heat evenly, providing you with the desired waves while not harming your hair.

  1. It helps you save money on salon visits.
    Buying beach waves hair tools will also save you money on salon visits. With the right tools, you can achieve any wavy hairstyle you desire.

How to Clean and Sanitize the Best Beach Wave Tools

Hot tools, such as curlers and flat irons, may not appear to require routine cleaning. Using your best beach wave tools on a regular basis may cause discoloration and a sticky buildup on the surface of your iron.

Clean and disinfect beach wave tools once or twice a month if you use them a couple of times per week. If you use beach wave tools every day, you should disinfect them at least once a week.

You’ll need the following items:

  • rubbing alcohol or white vinegar (in a spray bottle)
    a cleansing cloth
    Sanitize and clean the nooks and crannies of your beach wave tools by performing the following tasks:

Plug in your beach wave tools (curler or straightener) for a few minutes to warm them up. Unplug the beach wave tool once it has gotten warm (but not hot!). When the hair iron is heated, it is much easier to remove the build-up.
Before the iron cools, spray it with rubbing alcohol from six to eight inches away. White vinegar can be used in place of alcohol for a more thorough clean. White vinegar is a strong disinfectant that can kill a wide range of microorganisms.
Wipe down the tool with a clean cloth.
Clean the beach wave tool (straightener or curling iron) until it is completely clean.
Caution: Do not submerge your hair straightener or curling iron in water. This is risky, and it may rust your iron.

With these simple rules, you can rest assured that your best beach wave tools will be kept clean and will last longer.

How to Use the Best Beach Wave Tools

So, what is the best tool for dealing with beach waves?
Experts recommend using a curling iron (Potempa recommends her Beach waver, a Good Housekeeping Beauty Award-winning self-rotating curling iron).

It all depends on how you use it. First, keep in mind that the narrower the barrel of the curling iron, the tighter the wave (she recommends 3/4 inch for tight waves, 1 inch for classic beach waves, and 1 1/4 inch for loose, voluminous waves).

Here’s how to make beach waves with a curling iron, according to Potempa:

Spritz a heat protectant spray all over your hair to prepare it.
After sectioning hair into the top and bottom, separate strands into the left and right sides.

With the clamp facing forwards, hold the curling iron upright. Slip a one-to-two-inch section of hair inside the clamp, leaving an inch or two of the ends out, and spin the iron away from your face to create a beachy wave.

After the iron reaches the crown of your head, hold for three to four seconds before opening the clamp and dragging the iron straight down to release.
Rep the process on both the left and right sides. She suggests waiting until your curls are completely cool before touching them (touching strands that are still warm might loosen the curl and cause it to fall flat).
Spray a brush with flexible hold hairspray, then gently brush out your waves. Potempa recommends applying a finishing cream to the ends of hair to tame any flyaways.

What Should I Look for When Buying the Best Beach Wave Hair Tools?

So you’ve learned how to use the best tools for beach waves hair and can’t wait to get your hands on them. To avoid making the wrong choice, you should consider what characteristics to look for and what criteria to use.

These are the requirements:

  1. the temperature
    Always pay close attention to the heat settings of a curling iron and select the best tool with the appropriate temperature for your hair type.

If you have damaged or fine hair, use low-heat curling irons; if you have coarse or curly hair, increase the temperature settings.

You should always get a beach wave tool with temperature settings that you can simply change to fit your hair type.

  1. Lifespan
    You wouldn’t want to buy a beach wave tool that only works for a few days because it won’t be profitable. Look out for product reviews.

For reference, consider some of the items mentioned in this post. Purchase items that have received positive feedback; however, this is not the end of the story.

It is also your responsibility to keep your tools in good working order. To completely clean and maintain your beach wave hair tools, use the included handbook and follow the instructions.

You should also go over some of the previously mentioned cleaning and sanitising strategies for your best beach wave tools.

  1. Barrel diameter

Another factor to consider when choosing the best tools for beach waves hair is barrel size.

The larger the barrel diameter, the looser and larger the ringlets, while smaller barrels provide a tighter and smaller curl.

Another important factor to consider is the length of your hair; larger barrels are best for long hair, while smaller barrels are best for short hair.

  1. Assurance

Every item, especially new items, is always accompanied by a warranty. High-quality items always come with a 12-month warranty.

However, if you want to buy reasonably priced used tools, make sure they come from reputable and well-known companies.

Overview of the Top 10 Beach Wave Tools

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten beach wave tools, along with their prices and a brief description of each. So, without further ado, let us get right to it.

Ceramic deep hair waver by Bedhead Wave Artist $26
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Revlon ceramic jumbo 3 barrel hair waver

Kiss instawave ceramic curling iron automatic
Conair’s Infiniti Pro rainbow titanium flat iron
$21.98 Bedhead curli pops clamp free ceramic curling wand
Hot tools professional mega curling iron Conair mini waver $19
$16.01 Conair tourmaline ceramic beach wave curler wand
3-barrel beach waves iron from Allure

  1. Ceramic Deep Hair Waver by Bed Head


This Bed Head deep waver’s tourmaline and ceramic plates create glossy, frizz-free waves while reducing the risk of damage. This tool has a tangle-free cable and can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has a variety of temperature settings. Because it is dual voltage, you can take it with you on your travels around the world. The following are some of the benefits of owning a Bed Head deep waver:

Tourmaline ceramic technology twofold
Dual-voltage shut-off 30 heat settings
Suitable for all hair types
The short handle is the only disadvantage of owning a Bedhead deep waver. If you don’t mind using a beach wave tool with a short handle, this is a good beach wave tool to have.

With these incredible specs, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best tools for beach waves.

  • Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand No. 2


Another great tool for beach waves is the Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand, which uses ceramic and tourmaline hair to reduce damage and frizz.

Create loose curls or beachy waves while increasing the natural volume of your hair with the wand’s revolutionary, spherical barrel form, rather than a difficult-to-maneuver clamp.

Wrap hair around the balls for loose curls; place hair in between each ball for slightly tighter and more structured curls. This iron comes with an extra glove to protect your hand from burns.

  1. REVLON Ceramic Jumbo 3Barrel Hair Waver


The REVLON 3Barrel Ceramic Jumbo Hair Waver’s tourmaline ceramic coating helps to reduce damage and increase shine. It creates slightly tighter-looking waves than a wand, making it a better option if your hair struggles to hold a curl.

Over 14,500 Amazon customers have added this best tool for beach waves to their beauty arsenals, and the 4.2-star overall rating speaks for itself.

  • KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron No. 4


Don’t worry if your hairstyle skills are severely lacking: thanks to its spinning wand, this automated curling iron practically does the job for you and guarantees that beach wave you crave. Simply angle the curling iron, cut 1 to 2 inches of hair, and arrange it down the front of the barrel for beach waves.

When you press a simple button on the handle, the wand begins to rotate and wraps around the entire area.

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Over 7,000 Amazon reviews have been written about this beach wave tool. This beach wave tool is also available at Walmart for $69 and KISS for $50.

  1. Conair INFINITI PRO Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron


Professional hairdressers recommend purchasing a flat iron with rounded tips so that you can straighten and create loose waves with the same tool. (It’s also a money-saving tip.) Conair’s flat iron comes in handy here.

It uses titanium floating plates to straighten hair in one pass or a gentle twisting action to create beachy, natural-looking waves. This versatile tool has a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon after over 5,000 reviews.

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  • Clamp-Free Ceramic Curling Wand for Bed Head

If you want a simple, no-frills curling wand, you can’t go wrong with the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand (especially at such a great price point). The 1-inch wand heats up to 400°F, has tourmaline and ceramic plates to reduce frizz, and comes with a heat-protective glove.

According to reviewers with straight hair that never holds a curl, this wand creates beachy waves that last. On Amazon, it has nearly 14,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

It’s important to remember that the temperature settings on this equipment aren’t adjustable, so make sure your hair type can handle the high heat. It also comes in a variety of barrel sizes and colours. This beach wave tool is also available at Walmart for $29 and Ultra for $30.

This beach wave tool has a few fans among the pros:

  • Quick heat recovery
    barrels of one inch
    A protective glove is included.
    The only disadvantage of the tool is that, aside from the “On/Off” button, it does not have any other heat settings.
  • 7 Conair Mini Waver


Conair’s mini waver allows you to bring your beach waves wherever you go. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a small, portable wavemaker that heats up quickly and is portable.

It heats up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and employs ceramic curved plates to provide mild uniform heat; it also comes in a lovely pink colour. According to reviewers, the waves produced by this tool are tighter than those produced by a full-size tool.

If you’re looking for more travel-friendly beach wave tools, consider Conair’s other pint-sized stylers, such as its best-selling mini blow dryer and mini flat iron, both of which can produce loose waves.

  • 8. Hot Tools Professional Mega Curling Iron,


This extremely powerful hair tool has the potential to instantly improve your hairstyle. A 1.25-inch wand hair tool, like this one, is ideal for creating bouncy, voluminous, and healthy-looking beachy waves.

Its 24K gold barrel uses patented Pulse Technology to distribute heat for beautiful tousled curls. It also has an extra-long cool tip for easy curling of long hair.

It operates on 85 watts and heats to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, making it appropriate for all hair types and textures, including coarse, thick, and unmanageable hair. The following are some advantages of having this beach wave tool:

Wand with 24K gold plating
Wand that is extra-long
Dial for rheostat control
Safety stand that folds
Cool-tip rotation
The handle is soft and comfortable to hold.
The only drawback is that it is not dual voltage. This beach wave tool is also available at Walmart.

  • 9. Tourmaline Ceramic Beach Wave Curler Wand by Conair


This sleek beach wave curler was ergonomically designed with a conical barrel and for a hassle-free and quick hair curling session. The insulated mica barrel tapers from 0.75 to 1.25 inches with a constant flow of heat, allowing you to create structured or unstructured beach waves.11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

The tourmaline ceramic technology adds a healthy sheen to your hair while eliminating frizz. It has a consistent heat recovery and can reach temperatures of 400°F in 30 seconds without harming the hair.

You can style your hair however you want with 5 different heat settings, regardless of its texture. Some of the benefits of this beach wave include:

  • LED warning lights
    It heats up in 30 seconds.
    Auto-off function
    It includes an insulated thermal glove.
    It can be used to achieve beachy waves or tight curls.
    The following are the disadvantages of using this beach wave tool:

It does not have dual voltage.
The gloves are insufficient.

  • 10 Allure 3 Barrel Beach Waves Iron


Any hair curling expert will tell you that having three curling wands is preferable to having one, primarily because it reduces curling time. This beach wave hair curler with three curlers is a popular choice for medium and long hair.

The ceramic coating on this curler can help you achieve salon-quality loose curls that last all day. You can also crimp your hair without fear of heat damage.

This curling iron heats up to 410°F in less than a minute, and you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. It also has insulated barrel tips for added security.

Among the benefits of this beach wave tool are:

3 barrels with an all-around clamp
Suitable for all hair types
Frizz reduction 360° swivel cord Safety stand
Among the benefits of using this tool are:

Some people may find it a little heavy.
It may be difficult to curl short hair with this iron.

Questions and Answers

What beach wave tool do you use?

The most common method for creating beachy waves is to use a curling iron or wand. Apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling with a wand with a one-inch diameter barrel, such as this one from Bed Head. After shaking off your hair, you’re ready to go.

What curling iron should I use to create beach waves?
For beach waves, the T3 Single Pass Curl 1.25′′ Ceramic Curling Iron is ideal. The T3 Single Pass Ceramic Curling Iron is the ultimate iron for creating the perfect beach wave.

Is it better to use a curling iron or a wand for beach waves?

Curling wands are ideal for those with medium-length or longer hair who prefer beachy waves, as well as those with naturally curly hair who want to refresh their curls. Pros: This is ideal for chaotic, undone waves on a variety of hair types. Wands are less likely to harm hair, according to Wizemann, because they are not attached to a heated barrel.

Which barrel size is best for beach waves?

A 1-inch curling iron is ideal for creating a more defined beach wave. “On short hair, this iron size is ideal for a loose tousled wave,” Dueas says, “while on long hair, it’s great for beach waves.”11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

How does one create natural beach waves?

A 1-inch curling iron is ideal for creating a more defined beach wave. “On short hair, this iron size is ideal for a loose tousled wave,” Dueas says, “while on long hair, it’s great for beach waves.”


We’ve shown you the top ten curlers for beach waves, as well as some quick tips for replicating the look at home.

These products will help you achieve the beach waves look with ease, whether you’re looking for the best curling iron for beach waves or a simple curling wand for beach waves.11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

We hope you found the article interesting and informative. Check out our suggestions for additional related content.

What tool is used for creating soft waves?

Bed Head Curlipops Curling Iron is best for Loose Waves.

The tourmaline ceramic technology in the one-inch curling wand produces frizz-free, loose beachy curls every time. It has a swivel cord for easy styling and comes with a protective glove to keep your hands safe while using it.11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

What size beach wave wand should I get?

A 1-inch curling iron is ideal for defining a beach wave. “This iron size is ideal for a loose tousled wave on short hair and beach waves on long hair,” says Dueas.11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

Are layers required for beach waves?

“It’s a common misconception that you can get beachy waves without layers. You simply cannot. Layers are required to achieve those perfectly natural-looking swirls and flicks. Inform your stylist that you want to begin wearing your hair naturally wavy “Ess says.11 Best Tools for Beach Waves in 2023

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