The Bongani Mayosi National Health Scholars Programme 2023

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Are you a young aspiring scientist or professional in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, or Medical Sciences? If you’re a South African citizen or permanent resident and have dreams of pursuing a PhD, the Bongani Mayosi National Health Scholars Programme (BM-NHSP) might be the perfect opportunity for you. This prestigious scholarship, offered by the South African Medical Research Council, aims to strengthen research and promote equity within the health sector by supporting talented individuals in their pursuit of advanced degrees.

Purpose and Eligibility:

The primary aim of the BM-NHSP is to accelerate progress towards equity in health research, in line with the South African National Department of Health’s strategy. This program seeks to attract and enable young scientists and professionals to access PhD research opportunities at universities, thereby enhancing their research profiles and improving their chances of securing permanent employment within the health and clinical research domain.

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To be eligible for this incredible opportunity, you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident and currently registered as a full-time PhD student at a South African University. Additionally, your research project should be aligned with the national research priorities, and if applicable, should have obtained ethics approval for your PhD study.

Value of the Scholarship:

One of the most appealing aspects of the BM-NHSP is its generous scholarship value. The exact amount of funding provided varies depending on how much the South African Government would pay you if you were employed full-time with your current qualifications. Put simply, the scholarship value is equivalent to your after-tax take-home pay, based on the salary scales of the relevant post (or equivalent) in the National Department of Health.

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How to Apply:

Applying for the BM-NHSP is a straightforward process. You need to submit your application before the deadline (which varies each year) via the provided application link. Ensure that your research project aligns with the national priorities and that you have all the necessary ethics approvals, if applicable.


The Bongani Mayosi National Health Scholars Programme presents a fantastic opportunity for South African citizens and permanent residents who aspire to make a significant impact in the health research field. By supporting talented individuals in their pursuit of PhD degrees, this scholarship aims to advance the nation’s health research priorities while also offering a gateway to better career prospects in the health and clinical research sector. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss out on this chance to take your research career to new heights. Apply now and be a part of this prestigious program!

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