How to patch h3lix

How to patch h3lix

How to patch h3lix

Steps on How to patch h3lix

[Tutorial] Patching and Sideloading H3lix directly on iOS after SockH3lix jailbreak


Because the H3lix patch requires Linux or Mac, and Tweak Injection does not work with the SockH3lix jailbreak, here’s how to patch and sideload the H3lix jailbreak directly on iOS after the SockH3lix jailbreak (Tested with iPhone 5, iOS 10.3.4 with Filza and NewTerm2).


A file organiser

The terminal

The original H3lix RC6 IPA as well as the patch


Check that the IPA and the patch are both in the same directory.

Open a terminal window, navigate to that directory with cd, and then type./ h3lix-RC6.ipa h3lix-RC6-patch.ipa

Use Reprovision Reborn to sideload the patched IPA (available on Packix repo)

H3lix can be used to reboot and jailbreak your device (after this you can keep SockH3lix or uninstall it)

I hope this post helps you get your tweaks to work properly; good luck and have fun jailbreaking.


The doubleH3lix RC8 is compatible with iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.4 64-bit devices that have a headphone jack (A7-A9). It provides the same functionality as installing Cydia on your iPhone or iPad device, allowing you to access the best Cydia Repos with tweaks, apps, themes, and so on.

How do I get H3lix?

To download H3lix and jailbreak your iPhone, you must use a computer to sign and instal the IPA file. You have a 100 percent success rate with this method.

Weblinks (no PC) are 99% of the time revoked and inoperable. As a result, I do not recommend using weblinks because they do not instal the jailbreak app.

Sideloadly is a Wi-Fi-only Cydia Impactor alternative that allows you to sideload IPA files. The workflow is the same whether you downloaded the macOS or Windows version.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page.

Step 2: Select Install via Sideloadly and then select Allow.

Step 3: Sideloadly will begin downloading H3lix IPA.

Step 4: Sign the IPA file with your Apple ID.

Step 5: To instal the IPA file on your device, press the Start button.

Step 6: Enter your Apple ID’s password.

On iOS 13, instal the H3lix IPA.
After the file has been verified and installed on your iPhone or iPad, you must allow apps from a developer account associated with your Apple ID to be used. Go to Settings to allow the app to run.

Step 7: From the home screen, launch the Settings app.

Step 8: Select General Profiles & Device Management.

Step 9: Select the developer app with your e-mail address.

Step 10: Click Trust to authorise the application to run.

Install the Helix Jailbreak software.

H3lix IPA Patching
H3lix IPA was designed to work with Cydia Impactor, but because the app no longer works with free accounts, the IPA must be modified. This is how to modify H3lix IPA to work with Sideloadly. Only the patched IPA version is available for download.

Step 1: Download the IPA and the files to your computer.

Step 2: Move the IPA and files to your desktop.

Step 3: Open a terminal window and type the following command:

Step 4: cd /desktop Execute the following command: chmod +x
Step 5: Run the script with the command:

h3lix-RC6.ipa h3lix-RC6-patch.ipa./
Step 6. On your desktop, the file should be named h3lix-RC6-patch.ipa.

Step 7: Open Sideloadly and instal the IPA.

Jailbreaking iOS 10
It is very simple to jailbreak iOS 10 with the H3lix app. After installing the IPA file on your iPhone, you’ll be just a few steps away from jailbreaking and installing Cydia, which will give you access to apps and tweaks.

Step 1: Launch the H3lix app.

Step 2: Select “Jailbreak.”

Step 3: Allow it to respring.

Step 4: From the HomeScreen, launch Cydia.

The jailbreak will be disabled whenever you reboot. Relaunch the app and select “Jailbreak.” If the app is about to expire, reinstall it using the prefered method.

Install H3lix without the use of a computer.

After installation, the app can be revoked and will no longer function or open. As a result, using a jailbreak tool like ReProvision to sign H3lix Jailbreak directly on an iOS 10 iDevice is a good practise. Reborn will do it for you automatically, so you will never forget.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page.

Step 2: Select Install via ReProvision and then select Open.

Step 3: ReProvision will automatically download H3lix IPA.

Step 4: To sign and instal, press the Install button.

Without a computer, H3lix
The jailbreak app can be installed without a PC or Mac using the links provided to popular third-party app stores. The issue with this method is that the IPA file is signed with a globally available certificate, which is commonly used to pirate apps and games from the official AppStore.

As a result, Apple has revoked the certificate, and most links are no longer functional. This will prevent you from opening or installing the H3lix app on your device.

What is new?

added iOS 10.3.4 support fixed a bug with programmes requiring JIT fixed a crash when patching amfi on iOS 10.0.2
iOS 10.2 support has been added.
Running the exploit only after the system has been up for at least 80 seconds. Running uicache manually from the app clears Cydia caches.

The sockH3lix Jailbreak replaces the 32-bit platform’s sock port and includes a 32-bit patchfinder (for iPhone5,2 iOS10.3.4). This means that sockH3lix can run and jailbreak the iPhone 5.

The sideloady site app does not launch.
Either one instals the other site.
The file is downloaded, but there is no way to instal it online.
Install h3lix using 3tools, but when you click the jailbreak button, it immediately fails.
The profile is trusted; it used to work but no longer does.

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