HEB Scholarship 2023

HEB Scholarship 2023

HEB Scholarship 2023

Scholarship Information

The scholarships are worth $1,000 and are given to the recipient’s university in one lump sum. The applicant must be a current Texas Association member in good standing. Two letters of recommendation are required in addition.

Students at the H-E-B School of Business and Administration (HEBSBA) have access to scholarships worth thousands of dollars that are only available to business students.

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Requirements for Eligibility

Residents of the following states are eligible: Texas
The following institutions are eligible for the award: two-year colleges
The following institutions are eligible for the award: four-year colleges
The following types of institution awards are available: vocational/technical school
Citizens of the United States are eligible for the award.
Application Prerequisites
An application form is required.
A transcript is required.
Test results are required.
An essay is required.
References or recommendations are required.
A contest entry is required.
Online Email Application $1,000 Value

There are ten awards available.

The deadline is March 15th.

Essay is required.

References are required.

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Mike McGuire Mission-Inspired Business Leadership Scholarship

This is a one-year, $10,000 scholarship offered in the name of Dr. Michael McGuire, UIW Professor Emeritus of Economics, recipient of the UIW Spirit Award, Moody Professor, Fulbright Scholar, and Visiting Professor to the Central American University (UCA) of El Salvador.
The deadline for applications is March 4th.


A businessperson is a doer who makes dreams a reality. A “mission-inspired business leader” is one who is moved by the Spirit of the Incarnate Word to dream big and make them come true for others. Through experience and research, this scholarship aims to promote the development of such leaders.


Full-time undergraduate and graduate students in any HEBSBA concentration, as well as graduating high school seniors enrolled full-time in HEBSBA.

The scholarship application period for 2023 will begin in January 2023.HEB Scholarship 2023

HEB Scholarship 2023

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