Do midgets have regular size penises?

Do midgets have regular size penises?

Do midgets have regular size penises?

Yes! midgets have regular penises and their size doesn’t necessarily mean they have small penises. As a normal human, some have small penises while others have big penis

Midgets have sex, even with members of the opposite sex who are of normal size. As do the NBA’s biggest stars. I’ve known fathers who were less than 3 inches tall and seen pictures of gentlemen who hung to the bottom of their knee. To be honest, it appeared to me that the former got the better end of the deal. You know, intimacy with one’s partner. That poor man in the photo barely made it into the same room as them.

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There are some conditions that are harmful, but they can also be overcome.

Brief Interview with a widgets

Each generation is becoming more accepting of different people, which is fantastic. But one group continues to lag far behind: mine. My name is Dwarf. To add to the confusion, my wife and children are both full-sized. I’m the only one who gets the “sitting on phone books” joke, which is fine if the joke wasn’t as tired as Sleeping Beauty. There are far too many misconceptions about what it’s like to be small, and since you can’t ask Alice because she sold out and grew to be 10 feet tall, I’m here to educate instead. Here are a few things to remember the next time you come across a dwarf outside of an MMORPG.

On paper, it makes sense that we dwarfs have teeny-weeny weenies. After all, every other part of us is insignificant. But no, we’re just as stacked as any of you, if not more so in some cases. My dwarfism is called achondroplasia (the most common type), and it involves a large portion of my cartilage failing to do what the Good Lord intended it to do: become bone. As a result, my kind and I have short arms, short legs, stubby fingers and toes, and a fun-size version of everything that contains actual bone. This is also why, no matter how much our CrossFit trainer screams at us, dwarfs usually have a pot belly. Our ribs simply cannot support our lungs and whatever else Dr. House claims is inside, so everything spills out.

Boners, ironically, do not contain any bone. A penis is simply a collection of tissue, and the body of a dwarf has no trouble producing tissue. This produces a dick that, to be honest, looks like any other. Our average height is five to six inches, similar to taller men. The only difference is that ours are on small frames and thus appear much more impressive.

Furthermore, the element of surprise when someone sees it for the first time without knowing what to expect never gets old. Just ask my wife, previous girlfriends, or the poor NSA intern who has no doubt seen me undress by now. God did everything he could to make amends: “Hey, sorry about breaking your bones and giving you a lifetime of explaining why you don’t want a Happy Meal. Here’s an optical illusion that makes your dick look enormous. Better?”

Actually, yes. Much.

Whatever we look like, we look like every other dwarf.

People are illiterate dwarfs. That’s the only explanation for why so many people, even those in minority groups who should know better, just assume everyone of dwarf size is the same damn dwarf. It doesn’t matter what your race, body type, or gender is. If you’ve seen one dwarf, you’ve seen… apparently the only dwarf on Earth. He is mobile.

If you can think of a famous dwarf, I’ve probably been mistaken for them. Verne Troyer, “Mini-Me” Yep. Jackass’s Wee Man? Definitely (despite the fact that he’s Latino and I’m blindingly, devastatingly white). Some random midget wrestler exploited by the WWF in the 1980s? You bet. Is anyone from Little People, Big World here? I am, in fact, ALL OF THEM. Camera tricks and simple editing create the illusion of an entire family.

My day job is working at a casino. Someone approached me and asked why I wasn’t working in my usual department. I was perplexed because I only have one job (dealing cards), which does not necessitate a department. I told him, but he insisted, “No, no, I see you working there all the time.” And then it hit me: he’d misidentified me as the other dwarf on the casino’s payroll. Who is a woman? With long, wavy blonde hair. In contrast, I am decidedly dude-ish, with short dude-ish hair. We have nothing in common except that we are both short enough to be thrown off a roller coaster. Despite Yoda’s declaration that size is unimportant, it clearly matters a lot to oblivious jerks.

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