Musang king durian in usa

Musang king durian in usa

Musang king durian in usa

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Durian can also be seen in Asian Supermarkets across America

The Fruits King! This Musang King Durian is consistently the best frozen durian Rane Roatta has ever tried.

The Malaysian Durian at Miami Fruit is always tree-ripe and tree-fallen, ensuring that the richest flavours and nutrients are present in every bite. Because they are tree-ripened, their fresh shelf life is only about two days. The durians are frozen the same day they are harvested. Because it is impossible to ship fresh tree fallen durian from Malaysia to the United States, we chose frozen as the next best option.

We have been working for years to make this durian available for shipping directly to your home. There is a lot that goes into importing durian that most people don’t see, but we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour as much as we do!

To say Rane Roatta is passionate about tropical Florida fruits is an understatement. He began selling fruit at Miami farmers markets nearly a decade ago, riding his bicycle to local farms. Roatta and her partner, Edelle Schlegel, now work with hundreds of local Miami growers and own their own seven-acre farm to test new varieties. The rare and exotic fruit they source is typically shipped the day after it is picked, and it is frequently fruit that cannot be found outside of the Tropics.

This package contains one Durian Musang King Fruit.

Each Durian Musang King Fruit weighs between 3 and 4 pounds.
Size may vary depending on the crop.
Miami Fruit is unable to ship fruit to Arizona or California due to agricultural laws in these states. Orders to these states will be cancelled and refunded.


Fruit is delivered ready to eat!
Bring your box inside as soon as you arrive and remove all of the fruit.
Store at room temperature for 1-2 days, or in the fridge for 1-4 days at most; the sooner the better!
Due to the odour, dispose of immediately or freeze.Musang king durian in usa

Do most Americans enjoy eating durian?

No. Durian is rarely served in restaurants, and I’ve never seen it in a mainstream American supermarket.

We have to go to Asian markets to get it, and it is nearly frozen. It costs about $8.00 per pound, which is expensive for fruit in the United States.

We only see it in Asian restaurants on rare occasions, and it’s usually mixed into boba tea drinks, ice cream, or a cake. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it served raw.

It’s a shame Durian isn’t more popular in the United States.

How do I find a good, sweet-tasting durian?

“It had the flavour of French vanilla ice cream.” ‘Year of the Durian,’ American Lindsay Gasik (durian connoisseur).

Whether you prefer sweet or bittersweet durian depends on the variety — and there are hundreds of varieties in durian-producing countries. It is impractical to go through the types to find your prefered flavour. In Malaysia, we choose the renowned variety because the characteristics of each type are well known to vendors and durian lovers. After eating the fruit, good durian leaves an aroma in the mouth. However, the following are general guidelines for selecting a durian:

Shake the durian: If you hear something loose or’moving,’ the fruit is dry.Musang king durian in usa

Take a look at the stem: Fresh durian will have a still-moist stem end, and the stem colour will be lighter. The darker and drier the end of the stem is, the longer the durian has been harvested/dropped from the tree.

Durians ripen from the stem down; smell the area around the stem. To avoid being pricked, use your hand to shield the exterior thorns — the stronger the aroma, the riper and fresher the fruit.

“Just because you tried one type of durian doesn’t mean you don’t like durians; you just don’t like that particular type.” There are durians that like coffee, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coconut cream, whisky, and wine…”

Lindsay Gasik, American/Year of the Durian

What is the flavour of durian?

Durian tastes like heaven and smells like hell. For me, the smell of durian is synonymous with good times, as enticing and fascinating as smelling to distinguish ripened jackfruit. If your Durian is overripe (rotting in excess of sulphuric-like chemical emitted from rotten eggs, which I assume is the cause of its aroma), I would not recommend eating it.

When the edible yellowish flesh falls apart in gooey clumps rather than neat, springy portions around the seed, you know it’s rotten. Durian has always been considered a luxury fruit for those who are not native to the area where it grows. Apples are exotic to them. If you can’t afford Durian, have some Jackfruit instead. It grew everywhere where I grew up. Jackfruit, like Durian, has a spiky exterior that usually covers the entire fruit, which explains the Malay word ‘duri.’

When you eat, you instantly feel better and are ready for a coming out party. Nothing compares to its profound gustatory hold on the gastronome for those who truly appreciate its depth of flavour. Its popularity is divisive, but taste preferences aside, it is one of the few fruits that is naturally high in vitamin B and iron. This is critical for a vegan. Please accept my apologies for the length of this response. It’s unusual for me to wax poetic about anything.

The poor man’s Durian is jackfruit. The thing about Durian is that it is associated with a wide range of esoterica. It is said that eating Durian flesh will provide aphrodisiac effects as well as other psychic powers. It was also used in early Islander trade as a suitable gift or tribute to kings and Datus (SEA tribal chiefs) or visiting Chinese traders. If you are dared to eat Durian by those with unsophisticated tastes who are repulsed by its musky and exotic smell, simply eat the candy/lolly instead and chew some parsley to get rid of its odour (or wait until you have a sinus breakout and eat it, unable to smell a thing).Musang king durian in usa

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