Best Bmx Chain

Best Bmx Chain

Questions and answers about the Best Bmx Chain

Which BMX chain should I buy?

Sizing of BMX chains

Narrower 3/32″ chains are available for weight-saving racers, as are heavier-duty 3/16″ chains, but the standard is adequate for most riders. Chains are sold in standard lengths of 96, 98, or 112 links, so you’ll need to use a chain tool to make sure it’s the correct size for your drivetrain before installing it.

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Which chain is best for BMX racing?

2022 Wipperman 1G8 BMX Chain

The Wipperman 1G8 is widely regarded as the most powerful BMX chain available. Wipperman not only designs and manufactures BMX chains, but also chains for other vehicles.

What size chain does a BMX rider use?

How big is a BMX chain? The majority of BMX chains, both traditional and half-link, are half an inch (1/2″). There are two BMX chain width options: 3/32″ and 1/8″. This is why the sizes 1/2″ x 1/8″ or 1/2″ x 3/32″ are used (denoting the length x width of one chain link).

What is the lifespan of BMX chains?

Most mechanics agree that depending on your riding style, you should replace your chain every 2,000 to 3,000 miles.

Overview of Best Bmx Chain

Check PriceThe cheapest option KMC is the cheapest chain.

KMC Z1 KMC is a reputable brand when it comes to manufacturing cycling chains. The KMC name is proudly attached to this chain, while the price remains extremely low. That gives it a high likelihood of being a well-made chain, in my opinion.

A necessary component on any bike, whether it’s a BMX chain or a full suspension mountain bike with 27 gears. Roller chains are used on BMX bikes to transfer power from the pedals to the drive train (The wheels). The majority of bicycle chains are made of plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are nickel-plated to prevent rust or for aesthetic purposes. The chains have only gotten better since the invention of BMX. Lighter chains have been developed to shed the last few ounces from a racing bike, while stronger chains have been developed to accommodate the riding style of some BMX’ers.

Supreme Shadow Interlock Bike Chain

Review of the Shadow Interlock BMX Chain

Many people believe that half link chains have a design flaw. This flaw is said to be that they aren’t as strong as standard chains. Shadow’s chain strength has increased dramatically as they began to use a better forging process. The chain can now support over 1500 kg, making it one of the strongest bike chains available. The disadvantage of this chain is that it is not the cheapest option available, with prices starting at around £30. The Shadow is also much wider than most chains. The chain is very easy to work with and shorten thanks to two master pins. Despite having significantly more strength than the other chains on this list, Shadow has managed to keep the weight under 400 grammes, making it lighter and stronger than nearly every other chain on the market.

1500kg tensile strength
Pins with Mushrooms and Hardened Rollers
There are 98 links and two master pins.
Weight: 314g Size: 1/8″

Tractor Chain for Fly Bikes

Tractor Chain for Fly Bikes

The Fly Bikes tractor chain was a major release from Fly in 2013. A pre-installed half-link chain that improves the fit of the wheel to the dropout. Fly’s tractor chain is a very strong chain with unusually thick side plates at 1.3 mm, which adds to the chain’s strength and aesthetic appeal, with “FlyBikes” stamped on the sides of each plate. A straightforward chain that avoids overcomplicating things. Another feature that isn’t found in all chains is hollow pins, which make the chain lighter simply because less material is used, but also make it stronger. The process of de-linking the chain remains simple and quick, so nothing has changed there. This is an amazing chain, but it is near the bottom of my list of the best chains because I believe it is too simple and lacks aesthetic appeal.

4130 Heat Treated CrMo Plate Material Hollow 4130 CrMo Links: 101
325g in weight

Warlock BMX Chain with Salt

SaltPlus’s typical half-link chain. Made to be extremely durable and available in a wide range of vibrant colours. The SaltPlus warlock, like most other chains, is made of steel. However, unlike many other chains, this one has some very extravagant colour variants and is definitely the only top of the market chain that has an oil slick option. The Warlock chain, like the Tractor chain, is extremely light while still boasting a lot of strength and some cool embossed logos on the links. With a weight of 447g and 100 links, I doubt it will be the deciding factor in determining whether your BMX is too heavy. The Salt Plus Warlock is also reasonably priced, coming in at only £12.99.

Steel with chromium plating Treatment Dimensions: 1/2″ x 1/8″
Colors include black, C.P, oil slick, and gold.
447g in weight

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Size of KMC Z1 Wide BMX Chain

The KMC Z1 Wide Chain, as discussed in numerous forums, is one of the best chains on the market. This chain is unique, inexpensive, and smooth. Definitely some of the most crucial components of a bike chain. Unfortunately, people riding dirt jump bikes may be unable to use this chain because it has a maximum speed of 1 sprocket with 112 links, despite having more links than a few other chains on this list. The chain is strong and has a nice noise reduction, allowing your beautiful hub to run louder. By chamfering the inner plates of the chain, they have reduced the sprocket rub noise of the Z1 Wide. Higher inner plates are also used to keep the chain from dropping. I like the price of this product because it is very low for the excellent quality it provides. With a tensile strength of 1200 KG and a one-of-a-kind satisfaction guarantee, KMC aren’t trying to sell a shady product.

Pin Length: 8.6mm Size: 1/2″, 1/8″
451g in weight
112 total links
Gold and silver colours

Wipperman 1G8 BMX Chain 2022 bmx chain wipperman

The Wipperman 1G8 is widely regarded as the most powerful BMX chain available. Wipperman not only designs and manufactures BMX chains, but also chains for other vehicles. The fact these other systems need extreme strength seems to have transferred over to their thought process when designing their 1G8 BMX chain. The BMX market definitely caters for tough riding with an abundant amount of strong chains but it’s rare for a chain to be designed specifically for grinding like the Wippermann 1G8.

As any park or street BMX rider will know, it’s entirely possible and pretty common for your bike chain to be hit or scraped when grinding along a ledge or rail. This isn’t a big deal in the short term although after learning new techniques and hitting it your chain multiple times there’s much more of a possibility of your chain snapping whilst riding. Anyone that doesn’t know, having a chain snap while riding is rather scary and there’s a high chance of being badly winded at the same time as falling off, which is also likely to happen. Now, if you don’t have the money, skills or the motivation to change which side your drivetrain is on then the only reliable option is to buy a chain like the Wipperman. Riders that have used this chain have many great things to report but many feel unless you are a hardcore park rider that’s likely to take a lot of big hits on your chain there isn’t much point getting a chain this tough. The Wipperman also has a lot of weight behind it. The 12mm wide chain has a weight of 17oz, making it a lot heavier than most other BMX chains on the market. Another problem with this chain is that the tight roll means many people aren’t able to ride it on with a 9t sprocket. This may not be a problem for you if you have a chainring of 10 teeth or more but if not then it’s worth making sure the chain will work with your gearing ratio before buying it.

Hollow Pin Half Link Chain KHE

best bmx half link chain

KHE has created yet another brilliant half-link chain. Specifically designed for smaller gear ratios such as a 25/9t. The KHE chain is a fairly regular chain, not specifically designed for strength or weight. Many people describe the KHE chain as perfection for single speed and fixie bikes. The half link chain guards the bike against hard braking. Half link chains are notoriously strong, whoever they’re made by. Since each link is half the normal link, each one protects the next ultimately eliminating all the weak points. The way the half link chain is made makes the chain alignment very precise.

Pin Number of Links: 100 Material: CrMo, Hollow, Heat Treated
Size: 1/2″, 3/32″\sWeight: 300g

Parts of a Bike Chain

A generic roller chain is constructed from a series of identical parts. Two metal plates connect two short cylindrical rollers. The rollers are held at either end of these plates, which are shaped like the number eight.

Each chain roller is about half an inch apart, allowing a chainring tooth to gain traction. When the chain is attached to the bike, many of the chainring teeth mesh with the chain rollers, allowing the bike to move forwards.

Many chains now have a master link. This is a single link that serves as a quick release to break the chain without the need for special tooling. A master link is constructed slightly differently than the others. Both plates are constructed normally, but the rollers are not.

A master link’s rollers are slightly longer than usual. After passing through the secondary plate, a strange clip is attached to the two rollers, keeping both plates in place and preventing them from falling off unexpectedly.

Bike Chain Varieties

All bicycle chains serve the same purpose, despite their vastly different construction. Different riding styles benefit from various advancements, and manufacturers push this to the limit.

BMX chains are designed to be strong, preventing breakage when colliding with copings and grind rails. Mountain bike chains must be durable in a unique way. Weather conditions constantly pelt the chain with mud and water. The best mountain bike chains must be able to handle this dirt and water without breaking down.

The majority of bike chains are either single speed or have a speed range of 6 to 11 speeds. It’s critical that you get the right chain for the number of gears on your bike. When you change gear, the chain moves up and down the chainrings, causing the ratio between the front and rear chainrings to change.

The thinner the individual links must be, the more gears there are. After all, an 11-speed bike takes up far less space than a 6-speed bike. In general, a properly sized chain can work well on both road and mountain bikes.

At 7.8mm, 6 speed chains are the widest. Each size up results in a thinner chain, resulting in a 5.8mm chain on a 10 speed chain.

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